10 Reasons Online Betting Doesn’t Work in Real Life

The invention of online betting and casinos birthed a new age of gamblers around the world. Gone are the days when you had to get dolled up and swig martinis as you stand at roulette table, modern day gambling can be done regardless of time and place, paving the way for a whole new style of playing. From betting in the bath to on the bus, punters can gamble on their mobiles, tablets or computers wherever they can connect to the internet.

This got us wondering why people don’t gamble in casinos as they do at home, and what it would look like if they did.

1. Attire

The dawn of online gambling has allowed people to hang the tux back up and wear whatever they want. Whether you opt for your dressing gown, some shorts or your birthday suit, no-one can judge as you enjoy a little flutter in your virtual casino. Although there are some very niche establishments out there it’s fair to say that almost all casinos would frown upon you turning up in your pants.


2. Bathing

Gambling in a casino often means sitting on an uncomfortable stool next to a sweaty middle aged man playing blackjack on a sticky, tatty table, a setting that couldn’t be further away from the likes of online casinos. When playing online you pick the setting of your casino, so draw a bath, light some candles, bust out your favourite playlist and tear up the tables from the comfort of your bathroom.

3. Watching TV

Playing online affords you the luxury of picking what’s on the TV whilst you enjoy a nights betting. Simply throw yourself on the sofa, put Coronation Street on, whip out your phone and gamble away. Casino’s often show the football or boxing but simply don’t cater to the soap lovers among us. By all means try changing the casinos big screen over, just try to enjoy the taste of the carpet as you get dragged out the door by a few hefty bouncers.

4. The Loo

By far the biggest revolutionary aspect of online gambling has to be the new found ability to gamble whilst you’re doing your business in the loo. Those minutes are no longer wasted time as you take on the world from the comfort of your bathroom. Although many casinos won’t have any hard and fast rules on the matter, most respectable establishments will frown upon their punters relieving themselves at the table, although you’ll probably get a nice table all to yourself.

online-betting-gambling5. Celebrating

Celebrating your winnings is only natural when you hit it big, however casinos frown upon taking your shirt off and swinging it around your head like you’ve just won the world cup, let alone your disgruntled fellow players who you’ve just robbed blind. But not online. Online you can feel free to celebrate every hand, every game and every spin of the wheel no matter how small the win. Klinsmann down the hall or do the robot on the couch, the possibilities are endless.

6. Drinking and Eating

When you’re 12 pints deep at a casino it’s very unlikely to go un-noticed. Vomiting on the craps table, flirting with the dealer and stumbling into a high-stakes game is a sure fire way to get yourself thrown out, roughed up and put on the blacklist. However, in the comfort of your own home anything goes. Go crazy, let loose and drink/eat to your hearts content, no one’s going to throw you out!