7 Facts You Never Knew About Gambling in Singapore

Gambling is growing in popularity worldwide. Singapore is also experiencing a huge gambling boom, and it isn’t easy to keep up with its development.

Most Singaporean gamblers are male and over the age of 40. Worryingly, the majority of gamblers have low personal incomes.  So it is likely that at least some are making gambling their main hope to earn a decent living.

Most of these individuals began gambling before they were even 30 years old.

With so many residents looking for games to help them win money, Singapore has had to adapt to recent changes.

The first casino opened in 2006.  Even now, there are only a few on-land casinos in which residents can play. Even so, this newer industry is dramatically changing the lifestyle of the city-state.

The government in Singapore has taken very specific actions in an attempt to control problem gambling among its citizens. These seven facts about gambling in Singapore might offer better insight into how the industry is run.

  1. Everyone enjoys a little gambling in Singapore

In a recent survey, 52 percent of Singaporeans aged 18 and over had gambled in the past year. Most of those participating enjoy the lottery that is sold in Singapore, called 4D and Toto.

Horse betting and table games are some of the least popular forms of gambling in the city-state. With online gambling only legal to a limited extent, it is not as popular as live casino slots or buying tickets to the lottery.

Singaporeans don’t feel that there is much to do in their homes, so they turn to gambling and games to fill their leisure time.

There aren’t a huge number of live casinos in Singapore, likely the cause of the lottery’s popularity. But many people just want a chance to win in any way they can.

  1. The Singaporean government takes action against problem gambling

In an attempt to avoid huge numbers of problem gamblers, players must pay an entry fee to gain access to the live casinos in Singapore.

The fee recently doubled in an attempt to put more force towards stopping the rampant gambling problem. It’s meant to deter locals from gambling regularly, but tourists still make frequent visits.

When the casinos first opened, the problem gambling rate in Singapore was 2.6 percent. Now, with the entry fees in place, it has dropped to 0.9 percent.

Problem gambling still exists, but having an entry fee in place deters more people from becoming addicted.

  1. Of all countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore games the most

Singaporeans spend an average of 7.44 hours of gaming daily. That length of time includes playing games in live casinos, gaming for fun, and mobile gambling.

Even though online gambling isn’t easy to do, many still spend a huge amount of their days’ gambling and gaming.

Many Singaporeans feel that they have a large amount of downtime, which leaves more time to spend playing games for money.

With the popularity of the casino and not many other attractions, it’s no wonder so many Singaporeans opt for gambling.

  1. In the past year, more Singaporeans than ever sought help for gambling problems.

967 of Singapore’s permanent residents went for counseling with an agency appointed by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).

That doesn’t include the number of residents who went to Non-NCPG appointed groups, of which at least five are known to exist.

Even though gambling rates are going down because of the entry fees implemented by casinos, people are still suffering from past losses.

Some seek help based on the toll their gambling has taken on their family life at home. It is unfortunately not uncommon for a problem gambler to leave the family.

The gambling problem is real and the Singaporean government knows it. That is why they have taken the initiative to put a stop to this societal issue.

  1. Casino staff in Singapore are specially trained to look for problem gambling

To try to help those who may be suffering, Singapore trains all casino staff members to seek out signs of problem gambling on the casino floor.

The number of trained professionals has gone up 50 percent since 2017. That means there are more people trained to help put a stop to dangerous issues.

Responsible gambling has become increasingly important to Singaporeans because of how big the industry is there.

If citizens are going to enjoy gambling, they have to be taken care of in the best way possible. Having support groups and trained staff is an important feature that Singapore’s casinos boast.

  1. Online casino laws are very strict, but it is still possible to play

Singapore itself does not have any online gambling sites and the government has blocked a majority of those that are available from other countries.

However, it isn’t impossible to find online casinos that will accept Singaporean players.

Singaporeans are discouraged from taking the risk of playing in an online casino by huge fines or imprisonment that could result from this type of gambling activity.

Even so, there are many available online resources to help find online suitable casinos in the region where you live. It’s important to read the terms and conditions of each online gambling website to make sure it is acceptable for Singaporean residents.

Knowing the bonuses an online casino offers might help make the search easier. Online players can easily find the latest and best online casino bonuses on such sites as Online Casino Gems among others.

While there are only a few sites Singaporeans can access, the ones in which they can play tend to offer awesome bonuses.

  1. Singaporeans gamble in hopes that they can retire comfortably

A study explores Responsible Gambling (RG) practices worldwide and especially focuses on the older population in Singapore. It implies that this form of gambling is encouraged by families in the country. 

If they didn’t work full-time, they had much leisure time to spend gambling and wanted to earn the money to retire through this method.

The cost of living is high and mobile gambling is increasing, making it easier for more people to join the game.

Most gamblers that are 60 years or older are driven by the need for retirement cash. Without the help of occasional gambling wins, Singaporeans might never be able to comfortably retire.

The growth of gambling in Singapore and around the world is staggering, forcing the industry to step up its game to keep participants engaged. It’s important to remember that no matter how fun the risk of gambling is, players must always play safely.