7 Popular Misconceptions associated with Online Casinos

A lot of misconceptions have surrounded the real money casinos over the years. Myths are constructed around everything you could imagine, and online casinos are not spared. A look at these myths would reveal that the majority of them are completely false, but because the world has developed a level of skepticism for the internet culture, the legends and myths often keep spreading. Throughout the last two decades, people have had a degree of distrust for the internet and this started right from its very onset and initial conception.

While a few of these myths have been successfully debunked, majority of them still hold sway. Below is a look at 7 of the misconceptions of english casino sites across the internet, to this day.

  • The Games Are Rigged

This myth about online casinos is so widespread. Because the casinos are internet based, many people doubt their validity. The notion is that sitting down at the brick and mortar casino house watching the games dealt, makes it more real, and prevents players from being scammed. They believe it is easy for people running the online casinos to scam them because they don’t witness how the wins are made. But online casinos could be safer because you don’t have such distractions that make you lose games. The outcome of games in online casinos is decided by Random Number Generators, while the fairness of the payouts is audited and regulated by external auditors.

  • Gambling Websites Are Not Secure

Because human beings are wired to trust what they can see and touch, many players also believe that the casino websites are not as secure as the land based casinos houses. They base this on the abstract nature of the web. But this is not the case. All online casinos out there are solidly encrypted. The fact is that the rules that guide these sites and their licenses would make them seek the best protection for their site. They do not want to lose their business, they do not want to be indebted to the players and they don’t want to spoil their reputation. So, they seek for the highest encryption level. However, you have to look out for a few rogue casinos that are out to scam people.

  • Online Casinos Are For Kids

This misconception is nothing close to the truth because the laws of all countries prohibit kids from gambling. The same law that prevents them from going into the land casinos is applicable here. That is why everybody must provide proof of their age before they are allowed to open an online casino account. The set minimum for many countries is 18 and above, while some will take it up to 21.

  • Winnings Can Only Happen During Certain Hours

This is another huge lie about online casinos. In fact, it sounds ridiculous. This rumor must have been formulated by someone that experienced a losing or winning streak and decided that they happen during certain times of the day. But the claim is not true. There are no peak hours in online casino games. In the land based casinos, there are peak hours indicating the amount of money that could be won. But it’s not the same here because the results that lead to winning are handled by machines and not humans.

  • Auto-play Is Rigged

The auto-play feature is one of the features found in most online casinos or slot games. The function of this is to help players play games when they are not there. People who are very busy, but won’t give up on trying their hands on games, make use of this feature. You turn this feature on, set your bet preferences and allow the machine to play for you. But many people believe that once you are out, the machine will cheat you. But this is a lie, because casinos cannot engage in such. If they do, they will be reported and investigated. If they are found guilty, they would be strongly penalized.

  • You Can’t Win With Bonuses

Online casinos attract new players and appreciate the old ones with bonuses. But the myth around the bonuses is that the casinos cannot give you free money, and you play with it and win real money from them. People who believe this tend to think that the casino is all about taking from players and not giving back. But a good look at history reveals that many players have landed huge winnings with bonus money from casinos, and they were paid their winnings. Once the bonus is deposited into the player’s account, the casino treats it as real money.

  • Online Slots Are Not Exciting

Because the online slots are about spinning the reels, people believe there will be nothing exciting about it. But this is a lie. It’s just between the player and the casino, so people believe that blackjack, poker and other games with many options will be more exciting. But the slot games are full of fun even though you are playing alone. With huge graphics, melodious sounds, real life themes and other features, you will enjoy real entertainment on slots.


People misconceive a lot of things about online casinos, and once it gets out, it keeps spreading. The online casino is a regulated field, so you have to stop believing these rumors.