Beginners Guide to Golf Betting

Golf betting is great fun, and with so many high profile tournaments happening on a regular basis, there are plenty of opportunities to play and win money on betting. However, it is one of the more slightly complicated of betting processes, and we hope that with this article we can provide you with some basic tips in golf betting that should make your experience fun and exciting, especially if you are just starting out with this kind of betting.

An introduction to golf betting

The key and most traditional area in which you can bet on golf is on a  player to win a tournament. There are two ways of looking at this. You can either see it as an easy way to make money or an incredibly difficult way to make money.

If a player is doing very well on the tournament calendar, you betting on him or her to win a tournament may not bring you much in the way of cash rewards, but it will be a safer bet. The player’s form may be exceptional, and they may be in a situation where their play is so good, it is almost guaranteed that they will win a tournament. But the lack of odds against them mean the payout will be incredibly low unless you bet a large amount. And that is where the risk comes in.

Betting on golfers is about form, more than anything else. You have to study a player, and also know a lot more about them as a person. It is true that if you study the personal lives of golfers and other details such as their medical history and psychological profile, you can very much put yourself in a better position when it comes to picking winners. Sounds funny, but  a lot of accomplished bettors make their money on golf betting by simply knowing the golfer they are betting on.

You can also bet on two golfers against each other in a tournament. If they are playing in pairs, it is very simple. All you do is find a pair that is playing a round, and then bet on who is going to win. This is a little easier if you know your form, once again. Knowing how well a player is playing, especially related  to the other player, means that you can more accurately predict the outcome of  a pairs game.

You can also bet on players not to win. This is a little more risky because golf is a funny game, and players can have incredibly bad days as well as lucky days that change their careers. If you look at any top golfer in history, they will have walked into tournaments a favorite, and then walked out the loser. This leaves space for the other players to win, and this is why betting on players to not win doesn’t always make sense.

Golf betting, more than any other game, rewards the bettor who studies players in detail. If you want to take on betting in this sport, take the time to get to know the players inside out.