Beginners Guide to Cricket Betting

An introduction to cricket betting

Cricket betting has become very popular in recent years, mainly because the game itself has had a kind of renaissance in popularity. There are more people playing cricket now, whether for fun or at an amateur level, and this has created a corresponding surge in cricket betting. In this article we hope to provide you with the basics of cricket betting, so you gain an understanding of how it works and how you can get the most out of it.

The basic bets

To win the match is essentially a basic bet that chooses a team to win the match. Most of the time this is ridiculously simple to understand and it is quite straightforward as regards the outcome. Sometimes, however, things become  a little more complicated. Cricket can be a complex game, and especially so where there are test matches and special one day events. This is where it can be a little less clear on who has actually won the match, and this has to be taken into consideration.

To win the toss

At the start of the match the teams toss a coin to see who will choose to bat or bowl. The bet here is on which team will win that toss. Quite simple really,and if you get it right you can win a tidy sum of money depending on how much you bet.

Top batsman

You can pick who you think will be the top batsman for  a team before a match starts and with some bookmakers you can even choose this person during the pay. Basically the top batsman of the team is the one that scores the most runs.

Most match sixes

The best way to score plenty of runs in cricket is to hit  a bunch of sixes, and one of the bets that you can place is on which teams will hit most sixes in a match. This is a particularly fun one to bet on because getting a six is actually rather hard, especially in serious competitive play. If you know the teams well, you can receive some excellent financial rewards here.

Top bowler

Choose the player who you think will take the most wickets in a match and place your bet on them. This is again really all down to how well you know the team and the players, but if you manage it well, you should be able to pull off a few quick wins if you have been following a team for a while and you know how they play.

50 or a 100

You can bet if there is to be a 50 (runs) scored in the match by an individual player or a 100 (commonly known as a century). These are smaller bets but they can be very lucrative.

In the end, cricket betting can be one of the most exciting ways to win money when betting. The odds can be very favourable for you, and as long as you know what you are doing you can develop a very lucrative strategy for a betting run. Just remember to take it easy at the start and bet on wins rather than anything more complicated if you want to make a good start.