Beginners Guide to Darts Betting

An introduction to darts betting

Darts betting has become even more popular than ever in recent years, and this has a lot to do with the high quality (and big purse) tournaments that are springing up around the country. this means more betting opportunities for you, and in this article we hope to bring you a good introduction to darts betting and a focus on how best to get started and find a rewarding new avenue for betting.

There are a few ways in which you can get involved with darts betting. The most common way is the 1 x 2 bet, where you bet on a player to win a match. If you know your players well you can usually walk into a 1 x 2 situation with real confidence. If you don’t know your payers well at all, you still have that 50/50 chance of scoring a win. We don’t recommend going in blind but if you bet conservatively it is a great fun bet to place. Many people start out doing darts betting in this way.

Then there is the handicap leg bet. This is where one player is seen as being inferior in skill than the other, and the bookmaker offers a handicap of legs. These legs are added to that player’s score. At the end of the match, the player who has the most legs, including the handicap legs, will ‘win’. If you have bet on that player to win you will take the money. Obviously, this means that the player who really wins may not be the winner on your betting slip.

You can also bet on the outright winner of  a major tournament. There is serious money to be made here, and obviously it is dependent on the size of the bet. But because there is tournament play involved, there is a chance that you will receive huge odds and be able to make some very good money if you know your players.

To do well at darts betting you have to do what you must with many other sports that pitch two players against each other, or a group of players in tournament. You have to get to know the players before you make any serious bets. If you understand their weaknesses and their strengths, and above all their history and current form, you should be able to make informed choices in betting on darts. Betting is never about certainties, but pushing informed choices out there on bets makes sure that you have  a better chance of winning money.

The way to do this on an expert level is to bet on a few small tournaments here and there and build up your skills, all the time whilst watching players and seeing how they do. It is vital that you study the form of players, because this is the main way in which you develop an understanding of the safer bets to make.

Once you have done this for a while you should be able to start making more confident bets, focusing on your knowledge of the players and their skills. This makes for a more rewarding experience, both financially and on the simple level of excitement in betting.