Top 3 Best Gambling Cities of the World

A lot of people think that gambling is like meeting a con artist. The con artist will tell you that you have a chance of getting your money back with huge interest. But he will effectively hide the fact that there are more chances that you will lose all through the night. Still gambling is hugely popular around the globe. All around the planet there are big casinos that do business twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

If you think that gambling is only for those who have lots of money to lose then you might have never been to a casino. If you visit a casino then you will find that there are more number of people from the middle class trying out their luck as compared to the super rich spending their money without any concern. Gambling has such an attraction to it that it cannot be defined in words but can only be experienced firsthand. Here we will iterate the top 3 gambling cities of the world.

  • Las Vegas:

Las Vegas has to come on the top. This is the Mecca of gamblers, the ultimate destination for any and all gamblers looking for a larger than life experience. Las Vegas has multiple world famous casinos and all of them provide a breath taking experience. Be it The Bellagio or the MGM Grand, if you want to have a crazy night then Las Vegas is the destination. You must have heard “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, let us tell you that every word of that line has a deep meaning. If you are not into gambling that much even then too Las Vegas will come on top as it has the most fun quotient out of all the cities in the world.

  • Macau, China:

If you don’t know much about gambling cities then you will say that how can a city from China feature in this list. Well, let us educate you on this fact. It is true that Macau comes under Chinese control but in one way it is different from rest of the china. In china there are two types of region, one that comes under the legal framework of communist china and the second that has its own system of finance and constitution. Hong Kong and Macau are two such cities that don’t fall under the legal framework of communist china.

The reason for this is because Macau was under the Portuguese occupation till 1999. When Chinese government took control of Macau, it did so on a condition that Macau will have autonomy over its administration for a period of 50 years. This means that till 2049 Macau will not be affected by the communism that it prevalent in rest of the china. Macau has a very high standard of living and is an extremely rich city. Consider this fact; even Las Vegas doesn’t come close when you compare the amount of money that flows through the casinos of Macau.

  • Atlantic City, U.S.A:

Most of the people think that Las Vegas is the only gambling destination in the U.S.A. This is because Vegas gets more press coverage and media attention. But Atlantic City is just as much fun as the Las Vegas. Some people come here for its magnificent natural beauty; others come here to enjoy the local culture and then there are those who come for EPT European Poker Tour. While people go to Vegas for many reasons other than gambling, people visiting Atlantic City go there for one purpose only and that is gambling. It was the ultimate destination in the world for gambling but it lost some business during the recession years. It is still considered as the ultimate gambling destination in the north eastern United States.