Casino Heroes and Star Fall Slots

One of the most exciting developments in adventure games, and mobile adventure games, is the inclusion of a real money gambling element to the game. So many of us have played the popular mobile games, such as Clash of Clans or Pokemon Go, but what if you could actually gamble and win real money while enjoying the game? Its exceptionally interesting, because most people will tell you that over time, they do get bored of these games that require constant level grinding and constant attention. Casino Heroes incorporates a gambling element to the game, where real money can be earned from playing through the adventure. Rubies that players earn with their heroes can be exchanged for spins of many different types of slots, and many different games can be unlocked by beating different bosses and completing different events. Essentially, it is a hero game where your hero’s gains can be exchanged for actual real world value. One of the newest and most popular slot games that you can play in Casino Heroes is call Star Fall slot.

Star Fall Slot Game

The newly introduced game to Hero Islands is one of four new custom games planned to be added to Heroes within the year–and it is quickly rising up list of most played games–the Heroes players are absolutely loving it. Star Fall has only been out for a brief period and is already in the top 20 of most played games by the Casino Heroes players. Star Fall is also exclusive for Casino Heroes players for just one month so now is the time to try it!

Players earn rubies in the Casino Heroes adventure, and these rubies can be exchanged for spins on the Star Fall game. The slot game itself has 25 paylines with a five by three (5×3) reel configuration. Players can bet as low as .25c or as high as €100. The game, like many slot games, features an abundance of “wild” tiles (that can be used to make the highest paying win line possible), and players will earn free spins regularly.

Going Forward with Adventure Casino Games

Perhaps the most interesting thing going on in online gambling at this time is the adventure aspect. No longer is the “game” simply press a button and spin a wheel–that is a PART of the game, where the user can win money and gamble their earned rubies–but the game itself is larger and more nuanced. Casino Heroes is a game that people would play even if it didn’t have a casino attached, millions of people play these games on their smartphones or other devices every day with no real progress or payout, the game is simply an enjoyable way to kill time and stave off boredom. Casino Heroes is leading the way towards adding more to these types of games, so that users who otherwise would’ve eventually give up on the grind are motivated to continue playing for the chance to earn more spins and more real money. If you play enough and are lucky enough, shoot, you might not need to work anymore. What a dream that would be, right? Play a game, earn spins, win jackpots. Its beautiful. The secret is that it isn’t a dream, and Casino Heroes and Star Fall slots are ready for you to play right now, today.