How to Choose the Grand National Winner

The Grand National has become the bastillion of the British horse racing season. The large field and the collection of just as large fences guarantee to create a memorable race every year. The Grand National Weekend is one of the biggest weekends in sports betting and is often the only bet a lot of the public will make.

So when you aren’t too experienced in horse racing, how would you choose which horse to bet on. Here are some options for making your pick:

1) Find the best name

Every year there will be a horse with a name which has a personal link to you. It might be the summer you spent in the Lake District as a kid and you fondly remember swimming in Lake Windermere, so naturally you would back Lord Windermere. Or it could be the name of your favourite film spelt slightly wrong; The Last Samuri. If you just want to pick a horse to join in with the fun, then this is a great way to get involved.

2) Choose your colours

Along similar lines to choosing your horse based on their name, the colours of the jockey’s silks offer another option for the non-specialist. Pick a colour which will be easy to spot in a field full of multi-coloured silks. Green and yellow stripes with a red hat or will you find it easier to spot a largely yellow top with a single black diagonal stripe?

3) Take the longest odds

If you are betting a couple of pounds and are largely taking a bet to enjoy the race, then take a look at the long odds. There are currently eleven horses running at 100-1, just imagine if you backed one of these and they came home. It is not that outlandish and has happened before, in 2009 Mon Mome took the honours and had started at these very long odds. Admittedly, it had been forty-two years since this had last happened but you never know.

4) Lucky Dip

With so many horses in the field and the favourite having won twice in the last ten years, there appears to be no downside to just picking your horse out of a hat. It would definitely be a great story back at work on Monday when you win.

5) Study the form guide

If you know a thing or two about horse racing and can study the form guide, then this is your best option. You will be able to spot that the last four times Katie Walsh has ridden Foxrock, she has won. You might even have seen Cause of Cause’s form in Cheltenham

and knowing the likely ground at the Grand National, can link the form together.

No matter how you make your selections for the Grand National weekend, it is always good to know that betting on the Grand National isn’t difficult, follow this link and you will be able to quickly make your selection