How To Know What Casino Game Is Right For You?

If you’re stuck in a rut playing the same old games at the casino, you might want to switch things up and try something new. Finding a game that’s the right fit for your temperament can be a bit tricky but lucky for you, we have a quiz right here thanks to the fine folks at BGO. If you always play roulette and have never considered having a spin on the slots now is the right time to find out what type of player you really are.

Mr Extravagant – The showboat, the high-roller, the player who always seems to know what they’re doing. This kind of player will gravitate towards Blackjack, easy enough to understand and with plenty of potential to impress. Not even a crowd of spectators gets you ruffled!

The Crowd Pleaser – Slightly distinctive here, rather than the extravagant attitude and calculating brain of Mr. Extravagent, the Crowd Pleaser is really one to interact with the crowd, taking advice from the people around them and placing money where everyone is thinking. Roulette’s the name of the game, pure chance!

Mr Analytical – You like to take the strategic approach and like to use your skills in the best way possible – Video Poker is the game for you, you will be able to spend your time figuring out the best way to improve and speed through the rounds.

Any of these stand out? If you’re still not sure, why not give this quiz a go and see what comes up. You might even be surprised!