Are Mobile Casino Games Taking Over?

Do you play casino games on your mobile? The top rated Finnish casinosite offers the best mobile casinos for players – but just how popular have these games become?

After years of lagging behind desktops and tablets when it came to online games, the world of mobile gaming has now caught up with a vengenance. Today, more people than ever are choosing to play casino games on their smartphone, mostly thanks to no deposit bonus feature, technological developments and increasingly ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles.

In this post, we’ll be asking the question ‘are mobile casino games taking over?’. Whether you’re an online casino fan who frequently chooses to play on the small screen or a real desktop devotee, read on to find out more why mobile casinos are becoming increasingly popular.

  1. New Technology Means Better Mobile Casinos

According to Grand View Research, the global online gambling industry was worth $53.7 billion in 2019. This figure is expected to increase throughout 2020 and beyond – with a growing percentage of its total revenue arising from mobile gambling.

Back in 2017, Statista has recorded that the global mobile social casino revenue was valued at $3.46 billion. By 2022, this number could reach $5.89 billion. There are various technological factors that are driving this change, from larger phone screens to stronger (and more secure) Wi-Fi. 

In the recent past, one of the biggest hurdles for games developers to overcome was the fact that screen sizes can vary hugely between phone models. This made optimising mobile casino games incredibly difficult – a game which worked on a newly released smartphone was unlikely to look great a smaller, older model. But today, it’s possible to create scalable games that work on a variety of different devices. This has massively increased the adoption of mobile gaming as a whole.

  • Sports Betting Is Easier Than Ever

Interestingly, one of the most popular mobile gambling activities is sports betting. According to the UK Gambling Commission, 51% of online gamblers have placed a bet using a mobile phone or tablet – but this figure is much higher amongst sports betters, with some studies suggsting that 72% of punters regularly use mobile bookies.

One possible explanation for this that mobile casinos offer a high level of freedom. Many sports betters place bets very shortly before, or even during, the game or match they wish to bet on. By visiting a mobile casino or bookies, they can place bets in real-time while watching a game live in their local pub or sports lounge.

  • It’s Boredom-Busting

Whether you’ve got five minutes to spare in a queue or you’re struggling through your morning commute, mobile casinos offer us the opportunity to gamble on the go. While many people wouldn’t consider themselves serious gamblers who would sit down to a virtual table game on their laptop, a quick spin of the roulette wheel can be an appealing way to pass the time.

Because mobile casino games enable us to play in very short bursts, they’re the perfect bordom-buster. Recent figures back this up, showing a sharp rise in the number of casual gamblers. Mobile casinos have a low barrier to entry when compared to bricks-and-mortar establishments – and we’re seeing more and more people try their luck as a result.