The Rise in Popularity of Online Casinos

Playing games on online casino sites has been available for a number of years in the UK, but the last 24 months or so has seen a particularly sharp increase in the number signing up to online bookmakers as well as an increase in the frequency of play of traditional favourites such as roulette and blackjack.

The industry has really stepped up to the mark to bring the thrill of a visit to the casino to the home through the availability of exciting games, which can be played within minutes of first signing up. The addition of offering mobile betting services has brought even more players to the virtual table. The simplicity of play has meant that barriers have been broken down. Those who always wanted to visit a casino but didn’t know the etiquette or rules of the games, and were concerned about being seen as beginners in front of more experienced players, were now in the game in the comfort of their homes.

Sharp rise in numbers

The online casino industry has grown by over 70% in just two years. As well as it being a source of occasional fun spins of the slots, there are now a number of people, who are utilising virtual casino sites as a source of income through their experience and knowledge of different games like poker.

Mobile play

online casinos

With the majority of people now owning a handheld device such as a smartphone or tablet, betting on the move has been the biggest increase in the playing of online casinos games. With technology now providing user-friendly interaction on sites, which can be viewed and accessed just as easily as with the larger screen of a laptop or PC, pitting your wits at Texas Hold’em poker has become a popular pastime of many commuters.

Bonus codes

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Opening a new online casinos account often comes with the additional bonus of free bets through a code . This means that signing up with a bookmaker not only opens up the world of placing a bet at any time of the day or night on any event, but there’s plenty of opportunities for free bets on big games or free spins at the roulette table. Ultimately you can try the different sports and games available and then decide on your favourites.

Popularity of well known games

Anyone who has visited a casino will want to replicate the experience online casinos and bookmakers are certainly providing this in regards to the range of games available. Figures show that the most played casino games in the UK are:

  • blackjack
  • dice
  • punto banco
  • roulette
  • three-card poker

The popularity of three-card poker is particularly interesting. It wasn’t introduced to the UK as an online option until 2002 and is now played as much as the games, which have been available for many years beforehand. Many feel this is because it’s easy to learn the rules and so a great way to get started as a casino novice.