Top Bingo Strategies for Both Seasoned Players and Beginners

Whilst the game of bingo is simple enough to understand and mostly anyone can play it, any bingo enthusiast will tell you that there are still some strategies you should know about to improve your game – and increase your chances of winning. Bingo, just like other casino games, relies a lot on luck. However, it also relies on what some may class as a solid strategy. Not sure what we mean? Read on to find out!

Top bingo strategies for the seasoned player and beginner

Have the right attitude

bingoBingo is undoubtedly a fun game – and it should always remain so in your mind. Remember that bingo is primarily a game of chance, and you could be raking in the winnings one minute and shaking your head in disbelief the next. But if you keep in mind that bingo is a game of fun and try not to take it too seriously, you’re on your way. Winning is just a bonus in bingo, just as it is when you play online slots or online casino. Your objective is to enjoy yourself and have fun, and if you happen to win at the same time, then that is a great added extra.

Set a limit

Here’s where your attitude and mindset play a big role once again. When you play bingo, it’s important to set yourself a limit before you even begin to play. Impose a ‘daily limit’ on yourself so you don’t get carried away if you win (or lose). Even if you lose, you are more likely to control yourself if you establish a limit every day. You can always play tomorrow – and who knows, luck might then be on your side. This stays true whether you’re playing bingo at an actual casino or playing bingo online at a casino site.

Stick to a manageable amount of cards

Yes, you can play with as many cards as you want. But do you really want to do this? Most feedback suggests that you’ll just end up confusing yourself trying to mark all your cards at the same time. If you want to maximise your bingo playing strategy, it’s best to just stick to a manageable amount of cards, say three to four. This allows you to keep better track of the numbers and enjoy the game at the same time.

Be smart with your playing schedule

Think about the best time to play bingo. Most bingo players, online or off-line, probably schedule their playing time during the weekends. But this can actually decrease your chances of winning or give you a smaller payout, simply because there are so many players playing at the same time. What you want to do, if you can, is play bingo during the ‘off-peak’ hours, such as in the afternoon or early morning. If you play during a less congested time slot, you have a better chance of striking it big.