Topical Online Slots

If there is one thing casino software developers love, it’s current events. They love to create topical slots that capture the buzz of something going on at that time in the world. When a hot movie comes out, they release a new online slot licensed from that movie, if possible. If they couldn’t get the license, they release a knock-off that is similar enough to the movie for the fans but not similar enough to get a lawsuit.

The same can be said for popular video games, TV shows, and sporting events. In the run-up to the Super Bowl, online casinos released new football-themed slots. Online slots with soccer themes came out around the time of the FIFA World Cup. Now we have the Olympics. Any online casinos with existing games that are based on the Olympics or in some way capture the essence of the games are featuring those games. There is also a new game to cash in on the Olympic games.

Playtech has released a new online slot called the Wild Games. It is based on the Olympics, but unofficially. It has three wild animals – a hippo, a cheetah, and a bulldog – that compete in various sporting events, including gymnastics, track and field, and swimming.

The topical online slots usually do rather well. With thousands of online slots on the Web, getting noticed is big and if you can catch people’s attention by playing off of current buzz, that’s a big part of the game. With that in mind, expect more Olympic-themed games, bonuses, tournaments, and other promotions to pop up soon since the games are starting tomorrow.

Tribal Casinos: Still No Online Gaming Approval

The Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casinos have never stopped creating and launching their websites in order to capitalize on the best interstate online casino gaming despite the fact that the federal approval of interstate online gaming is not yet close at hand. They want to be prepared just in case Congress makes the decision to pass measures on the federal level. As of the moment, there is no action to be expected this year despite the fact that there are several bills introduced in Congress that are pro and con gambling online as stated by in an online article. This is especially because the November elections can change the content of both or either congressional houses. In the meantime, players can enjoy almost all the casino games on the web.

Rodney Butler, chairman of Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation that owns Foxwoods, stated in an interview about the no-cash internet gaming activity of Foxwoods that they are having this as a useful tool to build a database for getting the brand out and connecting people to the property. This is because players can buy credits and build up their rewards for hotel stays and merchandise without cash betting. Foxwoods’ best online casino was launched in January in partnership with Game Account Network. Butler said that roughly 50,000 players have already signed up for an account. Players can buy credits for a longer playing time and an access to exclusive casino games. Furthermore, these credits can add to the rewards that they can use for hotels, restaurants and stores only at Foxwoods.

On the other hand, the Mohegan Sun tapped the help of Bally Technologies Inc. (BYI) to set up a site for playing poker online for over a year already. Though there may not be money involved to buy credits, players can battle for gift vouchers and hotel stays. Spokesman Chuck Bunnell said that the Mohegan Sun has seen a great interest on the website which helped determine the people who like playing and when they play. Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have already established an intrastate online casino best for gaming. However, the top officials of Connecticut have yet to show interest in making a difference in the state’s menu for gaming. Should their minds change, the Tribal casinos are prepared to accept it.