Are Casino Games Really Fair?

When you play casino games online, it can be very exciting. When you get on a winning streak, everything can seem like it is going well and then you place a big bet and lose all of your cash. This can often make you think – is this game fair? Was this planned by the casino to make me lose my cash? 

Here, we are going to look at casino games and how they stay fair. Keep reading to find out more about this.

How Do They Work

Many of the online casinos that you can play at online use RNGs for the games that they offer. An RNG is a Random Number Generator and it is created independently from the casino. This means that when you play a casino game at a mobile casino like, the result of your spin is totally random. The casino does not decide what your result is as this would be against regulations and laws for online casinos.

Most online casinos will state that they use an RNG so you should have a look out for this information if you want to make sure that you are getting a fair game.


When looking at how fair a mobile casino game is, you should also consider the RTP. While the numbers are being generated for each individual game, these games are also set up with an RTP percentage. 

RTP stands for Return To Player and this is how much cash the player should expect to get back based on an average calculation of all of the money that is staked on the game. Some games will have high RTPs like 98% or 99% so these are the games that you want to look out for when you are playing online. The RTP is upfront and it makes the game a little fairer as you know what to expect when you place your money on a spin. 

Is It About Luck?

The truth about online casinos is that winning is really down to your own luck. You cannot really affect how a game is played as each game is decided on an individual basis. Those who happen to choose a game and get an RNG that works in their favour are seen as lucky as the casinos have no say in how much cash you win.

So, if you think that you are a lucky person then you might want to try out casino games as it could work in your favour in the future.

Are They Fair?

As you can see, online casino games are actually fair as they are upfront about the RTP and they use RNGs. You can’t expect a casino to never take any money from players as they need to keep running. Just remember that next time you lose a spin on casino game, there is always a chance that your next spin could be the random one that makes you win the progressive jackpot!