Beginners Guide to F1 Betting

Formula One is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Fast cars and big prizes mean that it is glamorous, with plenty of personalities and exciting events. Betting On F1 is also very exciting, and if you play your bets well, you can usually find yourself winning big. It is all about knowing how to get the best out of the betting format though, and in this article we present to you an introduction to betting on Formula One.

An introduction to betting on F1

The most popular bet is the race winner. With this one you simply look at the field and pick your winner. With so many high quality drivers very much dominating a season, it is usually possible to walk into the winner bet and pick someone quickly. Drivers tend to have a good season, and if you play your bet well after studying form, and bet reasonably big and confidently, you can make money out of picking a race winner.

A Driver’s World Championship is a long bet,and is focused on who will win the most points from racing over an entire season. There is a lot of money to be made here, and it is inherently risky, because drivers can have bad seasons. However, you can take advantage of betting during a season with some bookies, so if  a driver is doing exceptionally well, it is most certainly  a bet you may want to consider.

Constructor’s World Championship bets are similar to the Drivers World Championship betting. Each team that makes cars runs two cars throughout a season. You have the option here on betting on a team or company that makes the cars. You bet on which constructor grabs the most points throughout the season. It is  a fun bet to play but will usually pay out low unless a massive surprise occurs or you bet a lot of money on a favourite. There are certain teams that show out well every year, and they are dominating the season at the moment every year.

One of the most exciting bets to place is the fastest lap bet. This is exactly what it sounds like, and involves you picking a driver who you think will set the fastest lap during  a race. Bear in mind that F1 is very fast paced and can often create a situation where  a driver has to drop out of a race or, worse, crashes. If you are able to enjoy a bit of risky fun, fastest lap makes sense for an exciting bet, as long as your driver remains on the track.

Perhaps one of the safest bets in F1 is the podium finish bet. This is you placing money on  a driver to finish in the top three in a race and getting a place on the podium at the end. This is quite possible as long as you study the form of drivers and their performance in the season.

Formula One betting is as fast paced as the sport itself. Take care with your bets and remember to be aware of how a driver and team is doing in a season before you bet money.