Why Formula One Offers Such Great Betting Action

Formula one is one of the few modern sports, along with thoroughbred racing, which sends chills up the spines of its spectators. Watching the tight knit pack of super cars tearing around a track, engines screaming, tyres squealing, is something to behold. Placing a bet on a F1 race only serves to make watching the action that much more exciting, and the varied betting markets do their bit to add to the feel.

Ever Changing Outright Betting

Outright betting or futures betting is a market that is offered in many sports for punters, but takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Formula One. In most sports, outright bets are set before the season begins, and you can’t change them once the games have begun. Due to Formula One’s ever changing stylistics, outright betting can be adjusted throughout the season, meaning that your bet is much more fluid and can be changed as you see fit.

Few Complexities

Formula One is one of the simplest sports around; cars drive fast in a circle for a while and the one to cross the finish line first wins. Placing a bet on many other sports requires a load of research, an in depth knowledge of how the sport works and its various intricacies as well as a good knowledge of the athletes. With F1 things are much more simple.

The cars have been regulated to be pretty even in performance, and although there is always room for human error, everything is as fair and level as the race organisers can get it to be. This means that as a punter you do not have to have a very in depth knowledge of the sport, just a good idea of who the drivers are and how they race. This takes a lot of the hard work out of placing a bet, and leaves you free to just enjoy your punt.

Racing Excitement

Formula One is a very weather dependant sport. Wet weather or extreme heat can play a part in how the cars perform, and whether there will be any crashes. Although no one wants to see anyone get hurt, watching a race which involves the drama of crashing makes one’s heart leap into one’s throat, as well as providing a whole new betting market. Placing a bet on whether a driver will finish the race or not is a good way to go of you have doubts as to the reliability of the car, or how it will perform in any given weather. These bets are of course made on race day, just before the race when the weather patterns are certain. There are many correlations to Formula One betting and horse racing, and you can generally enjoy both at horse racing betting sites.

Simple Rules

Formula One betting has very few hidden rules, unlike for example tennis, which is a very complicated betting sport. Placing a bet on an F1 race can be done either by the serious punter, or the weekend bettor who is keen to have a few drinks with friends and possibly make something on the race. Placing a bet online on an F1 race is simple, easily done and leaves you time to just sit back and enjoy the action instead of having to check whether you understand all the betting rules properly.