Beginner’s Guide to Investing

 More and more people are thinking of investing their money in stocks and now in cryptocurrencies since more companies like NetBet Sport started to use them on their platforms. So many people have begun to look for how and where to invest. In every crash, there are opportunities, and the shares of big and good companies show the fastest recovery. In this article, we share some tips on investing that we think you will find helpful.

Think long term

When starting a personal investment, you should always have a long-term plan in mind (20-30 years). This way, a sudden market downturn (e.g., financial crisis) doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have a significant impact on your portfolio. It is almost sure that in the long run, things will be balanced, so be patient.

Invest what you have leftover

While you can liquidate (sell) your investments at any time, it would be better to give them time. Use as much money as you can without worrying about your daily expenses. The goal is always to set aside an amount for a few monthly expenses if something happens and invest the rest.

Invest where you believe.

Don’t listen to experts, don’t listen to friends, listen to yourself. If you do not know or do not understand what you are buying, just don’t buy it. Even if you know what others are telling you, invest only in something that you believe in. Trust your instinct.

Do your own research

A very important step before choosing to buy a particular company’s stock is to understand how it works. Are they profitable? Does he have a plan and vision for the future? Do its executives implement innovative ideas? 

Buy and forget 

In case you are not a day investor, be careful not try to act like one. You invest in the long run, and your investment style should reflect that. You don’t have to look at price fluctuations every now and then or be emotionally affected by sudden dips in price. The goal is to spend your time without caring what may happen to your money.

Add continuously

The truth is that very few people can reach the market at the best point and unfortunately we may not be one of them. Therefore, it is pointless to try to buy at the best possible price. Instead, contribute to your investment every month, and it will not matter if you are buying at the highest or lowest market price at that time. Aim for the long term.

Be conservative when others are greedy

The first half of our favorite phrase by Warren Buffet. When everyone wins, you have to worry. If you or your friends make money very quickly with your investments, be conservative.

Be greedy when others are conservative

The best time to buy is when people are in a panic. But do not be fooled, be realistic. Is panic real or just the typical media reaction? Be an opportunity hunter, not a sucker.

Find and remove hidden supplies

Be vigilant when it comes to lowering your fees and constantly strive for it. When investments are significant, the same goes for supplies. Even a 1% charge can be substantial in the long run. So, always ask and know in detail about the charges before starting an investment.


“If it is to fail, it will fail.” This is why we always plan based on failure. Differentiation is your investment mechanism in the market. Invest in many different things so that you can never have a single loss.

Common Mistakes:

Don’t wait to invest

While it’s important to educate yourself before investing, you don’t have to wait long to get started. By investing, you want to have time on your side. Therefore, the sooner you can start investing, the better as your investments will have more time to grow.

Investing can be emotional

When you start investing, you will realize that you have feelings about your investment. After all, you hope that these investments will lead to a better future. The stock market comes with high and low prices. You need to be emotionally prepared to face these storms. When the market inevitably falls, you do not have to withdraw all your money. Instead, it would help if you waited until the market recovers and you’re ready to withdraw at the right time. However, this is easier said than done. To avoid a painful experience, make sure you fully understand the risks before you start investing. With this in mind, you can choose less likely investments to cause less panic in your life.

Don’t time the purchase

Your plan should be long-term, and your goal is to build up an investment that will put you in the financial place you want to be in the years to come. Once you have a long-term investment plan, you can adjust the investment over time to suit your needs.

Nothing happens soon

When you start investing, you should not assume that your money will increase overnight. In fact, your portfolio will grow and fall many times on the road to growth. 

Don’t forget the taxes

Our final tip is to remember the taxes when planning your investments. You can use several strategies to reduce your potential tax burden, but they require careful planning. If you don’t have the knowledge of the tax implications of your situation, then consider talking to a tax professional.

When should you start investing?

The sooner, the better. All investment strategies are based on long-term plans, so the sooner you start investing, the more time you will give your money to grow or the sooner you will achieve your financial goal.  

However, there are things you should consider before you start investing. 

Debt payment. If you owe any debt or owe an amount of money each month, you need to focus on paying that amount first. Once you pay off your debt, you will be able to invest more comfortably.

Create an emergency fund. Having a few fixed costs each month makes it difficult to start investing from scratch. An emergency fund can give you more flexibility in the market. Once you have paid off your debt and set up an emergency fund, then it’s time to invest. Even if you only have a little money initially, the important thing is to take action soon.