Beginners Guide to Snooker Betting

An introduction to snooker betting

Snooker is a great sport to watch and an even greater sport to play. When betting on snooker you also have the excitement that comes with betting on players who are very skillful, and therefore there is an element of real challenge in picking the players to win tournaments, for example. However, there’s  also some certainty if  a player is having a good tournament as well. Reasonably complex but always exciting, snooker betting is one of the most popular forms of betting around right now. And once you get started, it is easy to see why. This intro guide should show the basics on how to get involved with snooker betting.

The simple 1 x 2 bet allows you to place a bet on who will win a match. It is the easiest bet to get involved in and can be played relatively quickly. We do recommend that you take a moment to make some preparation before betting on this kind of bet. Some people jump in and just bet on the player they think will win, down to name and rank, for example. this is not always a good idea, and we recommend that you start to build up an understanding of players and their history if you want to take a serious shot at betting on snooker.

Knowing how a player plays, and how they deal with pressure for example (pressure is a big part of snooker) will allow you to make good decisions as regards the bets you make. Some players play well for weeks and then crumble when they come up against a stronger opponent. Others play well for just one tournament and then fall apart. Knowing who is who and how they are doing will enable you to pick winners, or at least bet sensibly.

Handicap play is an interesting bet and one that can prove to be beneficial if you want to win big with more of a chance of doing so. This is where there are two players and one player is known for being better than the other. The player who is a weaker player is given a handicap number of frames. This means they may be given two frames as an advantage (snooker is played over frames). By the end of the match, the player who has the most frames, including handicap frames) wins. In this situation it may be that the actual winner of the match is not the one that brought you the money. It is a good way to get to know players as well, and their strengths and weaknesses in tournaments.

Betting on snooker can be a little challenging, but it is only really a difficulty if you don’t know the players you are betting on. Take the time to get to know them, and their form, and you should find that you can confidently place all kinds of bets throughout the year.

Also, remember that snooker is  a very long game. There is a lot of slow play, often over a few days, so be ready to become very involved, and face some ups and downs in your betting.