Betting On The Lottery – A Simpler Option

If you have ever played a lottery, then you will know that the odds of you winning are literally millions and millions to one. The English Lottery has 59 balls and it draws six balls selected to make the draw.

To win the top prize of a couple of million pounds, you will need to get all six numbers correct and the odds of that happening is over forty-five million to one. To put that in perspective, you could play the same numbers every week, on the Wednesday and the Saturday draws, and even if every possible combination of numbers only happened once and was not repeated, you could be waiting over four-hundred and thirty thousand weeks before your numbers are guaranteed to come up.

Now imagine if you could just bet on what numbers would come up. You wouldn’t need to predict all six of the numbers and hope that these came up in the national lottery draw. Well that’s exactly what you do at

Lottoz is not a lottery draw and when you play on their site, you do not enter the lottery, instead, you gamble on the result of the lottery. Actually, you can choose from the most popular lotteries in the world and gamble on them.

You no longer need to live in Ireland to win big on the Irish Lottery, you can never have set a foot in Spain and still claim the top prize in El Gordo. You can place bets on the EuroMillions which is currently offering free lines on and win forty-five million Euros from the comfort of your own home.

Then again, as soon as you have visited the homepage, you’ll have noticed just how big the PowerBall lottery is currently at and then decided it might be nice to suddenly win a few hundred million. It wouldn’t be the worst day in anyone’s life, no matter how rich you already are.

The best thing about betting on any lottery, is that if you do manage to select the jackpot winning numbers, you will win the exact same amount. The lottery won’t be paying you, but the site’s insurance company will instead. You’ll get the full amount instantly into your account. You don’t have to wait weeks for the money to come through and you don’t need to give half of it away in taxes. You have just won millions and you get to choose how you spend it.

The best thing about Lottoz is that you can choose to gamble against all the best lotteries from one website. You do not need to head over to Spain or to Ireland, you do not need to try and find a random website which might be able to let you play one of them at a time. You use the same account and the same site for all your lottery games.

Why would you play just one lottery and only have the chance of winning once? It makes so much more sense to play them all.