Playing Live Slots Online

Live slot games are a recent addition to live online casinos and combine the best parts of slot software with the parts of a live casino.

Live slot games use the standard software that you will find in online slots, which is RNG software, but the difference between live slots and online slots is that once you enter a bonus mode, you will be greeted by a real person.

With games like live roulette and live blackjack that feature live dealers, the host or hostess in live slot games will not have any involvement in the game. These hosts will appear in the bonus modes and will speak to the players. They often wish players luck and encourage them to continue play.

It is also common that these hosts will dress in a way that matches the theme of the game. For instance, Mermaids Fortune is a live slot game, where the hostess is dressed like a mermaid.

The chances of winning a live slot are favorable, as you are able to earn points for example by landing wilds, which allow you to enter the bonus mode. There are also symbols that will boost your own jackpot.

Live slots have a number of different themes and because the host or hostess matches the theme, these games are recorded in a studio.

Live slot games can’t be played for free just like other live casino games. If you want to play a live slot game then you will need to play for real money, however, the amount that you bet can be small, with these slots starting at 0.01 per payline.

Why are Live Slots Popular?

Live slot games are still new and are still establishing themselves at online casinos, but there are already a few reasons why these games are proving popular with players.

Live slot games still retain the familiarity of traditional online slot games during standard play. The bonus rounds are made more exciting with the presence of a host or hostess, which players strive to achieve. Live slot games also feature a generous bonus system; personalized jackpots and these games are suitable for all players whether they are low rollers or high rollers.

Live slots are still being created and as technology develops, these games will only improve, however, you are able to play these games right now. So, if you are slot fan and looking for a different experience, you should try a live slot game. You can learn more about live slots at