Bingo Terms for Beginners: An All-Important Guide

If you are new at online bingo, the game itself might not be all-too-confusing – what might become confusing are the different terms and calls that are used. For those who are only beginning to enjoy online bingo, it would be in your best interest to get to know a few of the key terms used so you can parry with the best of them.

Bingo terms: the most popular

There are many popular terms used in online bingo, but we won’t go into all of them. The fact is, you can learn and get to know all of them over time. Here, we will just cover a few of the most popular terms you should know about.

190-ball and 75-ball

Both 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo are bingo variants; types of bingo games you can play at many online bingo sites. 75-ball bingo is simply the variation that plays with 75 bingo balls, whilst 90-ball bingo is the variation using 90 bingo balls. 75-ball bingo is actually more commonly played in the US, and it has a grid of five by five numbers. 90-ball bingo is more popular in the UK, and the cards are comprised of three rows with nine squares each. Every row would have a five-number maximum.

Chat room and chat moderator/master

The chat room is simply the area or place where you can meet the other players of the game and learn more about them. Most people playing online bingo become friends with the people they meet in these rooms. In the chat room, you can also take advantage of extra bonuses and games. The chat moderator or master is the person hosting the chat room; they are in charge of the room and their role is to answer questions and make sure that proper online etiquette is kept to at all times.

Full house

You can achieve a full house when you are able to mark or dub off all the numbers on your card. This is done with 90-ball bingo.


A blackout is a type of bingo game where the objective is to simply mark off or cover all the card’s or ticket’s squares.

Free space

If you are playing 75-ball bingo, you will see a blank space or ‘free space’ in the middle of the card. This free space is filled automatically, so you should mark it off once the game begins.


The pattern is the mandatory layout of right numbers which are required for you to win. In a game like 90-ball bingo, you can win through three possible ways or patterns – through one line, two lines, and a full house, where all the numbers on all the lines are marked.

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