Celebrities that like to gamble

After recent revelations about Wayne Rooney spending up to £500,000 in a Manchester Casino, we thought we would take a look at some of the other famous people that have enjoyed gambling at one stage or another in their lives.

Mr Curtis Jackson AKA “50 Cent” put a wager on a championship game in the USA, that is reportedly in excess of $450,000. The bet was made covering the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

Another famous sports star that was allocated a $1 Million dollar betting limit was Tiger Woods. It is reported he loved playing blackjack, at stakes of up to $25,000 a hand.

It is also reported by his ex spouse that Charlie Sheen, the A List Celebrity actor, indulged in sports betting. We are not aware of any of his spending habits, although we are confident these would have been in-line with his high salary.

Ben Affleck is reported as being a very good poker and blackjack player, in fact he has won some prestigious tournaments. One such tournament was the California Poker Championship.  There is a down side, he is not able to play blackjack in Las Vegas, simply down to how good he is.

Whilst physical casinos are the main playground for the rich and famous, there are other mobile casino websites available for them to play in. One such gaming website is Reel Vegas Casino a new mobile friendly place to play mobile slot games.

Other high rolling gamblers well worth a mention are Michael Jordan, Frankie Townsend, Charles Barkley and Spiderman, also known as Tobey Maguire.

As most celebrities don’t want to be seen out gambling, due to the publicity it creates for them, it is more than probable they will visit online casinos.

Another new successful casino that set up in the UK over 2 years ago, is Chomp Online Casino. This is probably the easiest place to enjoy your favourite Las Vegas styled mobile slot games such as Da Vinci Diamonds and many others.

As with all types of online and offline gambling it is very important that people gamble responsibly. There are organisations that can assist anyone who believes they may have a gambling problem.  Please see the support resources below:

  1. Gamble Aware Help
  2. GamCare Help & Support