How Can You Socialise Without Leaving the House?

Socialise without leaving a house. When we are working from home, there are many things we might miss from our normal daily lives. We no longer have the joy of walking in to the office and seeing a bunch of friendly faces, we don’t have the casual chat over a cup of coffee and we really don’t get to escape to the shops just to catch up on the latest gossip.

So how can we be socially involved at home and keep up with what Karen in IT did last week?

Team Coffee Breaks

We are all going to grab ten minutes off and have a drink. It’s essential time for our brains to have a break. This doesn’t have to be alone in the kitchen staring at the kettle. Plan your break time at the same time as friend and you can all sit in front of Teams or Zoom and have a laugh about the latest NetFlix series. The face to face contact is a great way to digitally stay connected.

Check In On Friends

When we work intensely with our friends, we will invariably start treating them like our colleagues and suddenly the social fun dies away. Just because we work on the same projects, does not mean that all we can talk about is work. Call them up and just check in, start the conversation with the words ‘No work talk, so’ and see where it goes. We should be free to have normal chats about the weather and not just the latest GP figures.

Have Fun

There are so many different ways to socialize with people from behind a computer screen. Log into a pub quiz, take three of your friends and form a team. It does not matter if you lose, it is purely about the fun time you have together. Head out to an online casino and sit around a poker table or bet on an e-sport game. You can check to learn how to bet like a pro.

Send Surprise Gifts

If you are looking to get away from the computer screen for a little while,and socialise, try sending some real mail. Imagine the smile you’ll generate when a postcard or a letter drops through your friends’ letter box. The usual junk mail and bills will be pushed aside and yours will be the first thing they look at.
No-one expects to receive a postcard right now, so it’s the perfect surprise present. Go weird, so what wonderful creations you can conjure up and make it a huge surprise.

Days spent working from home do not need to be days away from people, you can socialise, there are too many ways we can communicate. We just need to find the right way to make sure that we keep work out of our conversations.