Fighting Boredom At Work

How do you stop boredom hitting at work? It is a problem we all have every single day of our working week. We are sat at our desks and while there is a shed load of work we could be doing, it just doesn’t seem to be grabbing our attention. Are we really concerned with the latest set of KPIs or how late one shipment was? It is not the most riveting thing we will do this week.

So, what else could we do with our desk time. We have at least eight hours a day to fill and there are only so many hours we are willing to spend doing the thing we are paid to do.

Social media is the first port of call. A trip through our Facebook wall and a few games of Farmville will crush half an hour, but it still leaves the rest of the day to deal with. Twitter is mainly dead during work hours or it is filled with people moaning about being bored at work. Neither of which are of interest to me.

Then I get onto the random picture sites, Pinterest and the likes. Any site which has pictures, funny or interesting, and I can spend hours trying to find my next home improvement project, or the next funny quote I will be telling everyone. I’ll take credit for it obviously, so I can’t tell anyone else about these sites, or they will know just how unoriginal I really am.

I have even looked at making money while at work from other work. I can take surveys and answer bacis questions for a couple of pound a time. It’s not great money, but it is more than I was being paid already. Then I looked at websites which pay you to make PowerPoints and decided that making a PowerPoint for anyone else was really too much work for me to be doing in my day’s work.

It is hard to fill my days productively, so I know I have to entertain myself somehow. If I can entertain myself and, with a bit of luck, make a bit of money. So I started to play around with poker and online scratch cards. I stumbled on FUN88 and haven’t left yet. I can spend hours and hours playing games and not care for a minute about my real job.

Sometimes work is hard. You have meetings about meetings. Someone who is sat within two feet of you, sends an email to you and doesn’t even talk about it. Then there’s the issues around the fridge and people who blindly take anyone’s milk and then completely deny it was them. And this is all before the office politics even thinks about raising its ugly head.

So go on, you deserve a break, go and have some fun. Play a game or two, look at animal pictures, find your latest home improvement project or very simply, just do no work for the next hour.