Why Most Gambling Gurus Don’t Win

Gambling industry is all the time growing its business worldwide. And everyone in this industry, like the house, bookie, and players, wants to be in profit through gambling. That’s where gambling gurus come into play.

Gambling gurus are the experts on gambling who sell their knowledge, strategies and techniques to win in casino games and betting. Every person interested in gambling searches for the experts and their winning approaches on internet at some phases of their gambling.

But the next big thing that you should also know is that most gambling gurus don’t usually win. In the article below, we will tell you why.

Their systems fail to work in the long run

Gambling gurus come as mathematical experts and sell their systems that they develop through calculations. They advise the players to follow the system without breaking it.

But their systems cannot sustain long in a game. For example, according to Martingale system, you must double your bet after each loss until you get a win. This system cannot work for long time. You can follow this system only if it is sure that you will lose only for 3 to 4 times in a row. But if you lose continuously for quite some time, your pocket will soon be empty leaving you no money to bet the next.

In addition, all games have a fixed maximum bet. So, if you follow this system and you lose constantly, at some point you will have to exceed the maximum bet to bet in the game which you are not allowed to do. So, the system breaks here.

The experts suggest following their systems strictly but actually the systems may work for short time while failing to work in the long run.

So, it is wise to play the games where you do not actually bet, for example, you can play online bingo games where you buy cards and match the numbers instead of betting.

Casino games with highest payouts is rarely achievable

Some casino games do have high RTP rates and high winning odds of players. But it is extremely difficult to really walk out of the casino with highest payouts.

Gambling gurus suggest the players to find the casino games that give the highest payouts. But how often do you think a casino pays the highest payouts to its players? Well, it’s rare. Only few players might get lucky enough to hit the jackpot. But most of the time and most of the players go home either losing or with little profit.

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So, the advice of playing games with highest winning payouts is quite not applicable as the casinos do not pay that much money which you can call the highest. If the house really paid so much money to the players then the casino would soon shut off unable to bear the heavy loss.

But never think that you cannot win through gambling. Sports betting in real games is one of the ways with which you can win the highest payouts. Here you bet against the bookie and if your team wins, you get massive amount for your bet.

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gambling gurus

Gambling gurus share their inventions and discoveries from their experience. But those strategies and systems might not be applicable all the time and to all type of games.

So, you can take advices from the experts but do research if those can be applied to the game of your interest. Also, rather than following the crowd, you must find your own game in which you can ace and find the best online app to start betting.