The Highrollers Come to Sweden

It has finally happened; the world of the high-roller casinos have come to Sweden. The launch of the online casino will be greeted with joy and expectation from the players who have been waiting and hoping on this move. The industry has been talking about it for a while and now we get to see what they can deliver.

The good news is that the new high-roller casino has been created and is being run by the same company which released the Thrills casino and the Rizk casino. These two have become the biggest and most popular online casinos in Sweden in almost no time. Their playability and reliability are the reasons that the company’s extension into the high-roller market is causing so much buzz and anticipation.

The new casino has been designed to offer new and interesting additions to the market. The new gameplay and the extra sidegames should be capturing the attention of anyone who has ever played in a casino before. They provide yet another element to the whole experience. These side-games offer you bonuses and incentives every time you play a game and when you register on Highroller casino you will immediately gain a bonus coin bundle. Then every day you are registered on the site, you will gain another coin. So even if you are not playing games or logging into your account, your coin balance will keep mounting up.

These coins are their version of a loyalty reward system, the more you play – the more coins you gain. The coins can then be spent in the shop to buy freespins or branded merchandise. But do not think that you can just register and then just collect coins, the makers have thought about this happening and created a great and playful way to deal with it. They created a “Sting-game”, where active players can steal coins straight from in-active players. If you don’t play for five days, then you can expect your coins to be stolen.

As you progress in casino, you move from town to town, from the smaller tables, up to the large full-on high-roller tables. As you do move from town to town, you gain extra coins to help you level-up.

This game play and interactive approach to the new casino is one of the most noticeable and enjoyable experiences of it. The sidegames push the casino out of the limit of normal casino and into a world and league of it’s own. The visual design of the site has been worked on and designed to compliment this new approach to the casino environment. The design looks very cool and the live chat support is 24/7 to ensure that you are always just one click away from getting an answer.

There is nothing to stop this being Sweden’s biggest online casino and superseding everything which has come before. With nothing to stop it and very little in the way of real competition, there is no reason why anyone would even think about playing at any other casino.