How Covid-19 Has Affected Online Casino in the UK

Covid-19 has affected basically everyone in one way or another. Some have lost their jobs, while others have to work double shifts, a lot of events, sports games and concerts have been cancelled or postponed. And online casino? Well, let’s just put it like this; the online casinos are not losing money or customers.

Lockdown With a Lot of Time on Our Hands

For many of us, the lockdown has more or less forced us to stay at home a lot. Spending a lot more time at home doesn’t always have to be negative, of course. But it can become quite stressful, and other worries we have in life in addition to this pandemic can start to grow much stronger. When everything else takes a break, it happens easily that our worries starts to work overtime instead.

Casino Searches Online Hit an All-Time High

Google Trends reveals that since lockdown, the search for online casinos has escalated in a quite worry-some rate. So far, there is no evidence that problem gambling is moving along at the same pace as people are searching for online casinos – the questions are for how long?

Boredom in Lockdown Could Escalate Problem Gambling

Being home a lot, feeling bored and maybe anxious have increased gambling and the amount of money spent on it since Covid-19. It is so easy to access online casinos, with just a few clicks on your phone you could chip away on a few pounds– with a lot of spare time a few becomes a few hundred, or even thousands. There is a lot of exciting news and tips on responsible gaming on Michael Kaplan’s stories on Casinomir

Stay Safe – Play Safe

Playing online casino can be a lot of fun and an excellent way to wind down after a stressful day. But a hobby can only remain fun and relaxing as long as we keep it on a healthy level. If you feel like your gambling starts to affect your finances, or maybe even if you begin to ask your friends and family for a loan to be able to play – then you are for sure starting to enter the darker side of gaming.

Problem Gambling Takes Time

The tricky part with addictions is that it creeps up slowly, and there is often this misconception that it only happens to a certain type of people. Matter of the fact is, it can happen to anyone. A time in your life when you are exposed to sudden changes, like getting fired from work, losing a friend, being unhappy at work or anything else that makes you want to escape your reality for a little while. That escape sometimes feels a bit too good, but it does us no favour. 

Take Control of Your Actions

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There are online tests you can take that will give you an idea of where your gambling habits are heading. Try to put up your own limits, like a budget set for gambling to use every month. If you fail to keep to your own restrictions, you can always exclude yourself from gambling.