How to win at slots?

You certainly think that if there is one online casino game on which no strategy is applicable, it is slots? This is where you are wrong! While it is true that slots are a game of luck, today’s diversity of games and features allows some gaming strategies.

From choosing the right slot and settings to maximising your bonus funds, here are 5 proven tips to rev up your game. 

1. Choose the right slot

The choice of a slot depends on several parameters. Some online casino players have their favourite machine. And you can choose one based on the graphics, which will give you more confidence if there is a theme you like.

However, this will not be enough, far from it. Instead, try to select your game according to a slot strategy. There is indeed more than one technique to win at slots.

First of all, take into consideration the settings of the slot:

  • The paytable: see how many paylines the slot has to offer and the minimum bet to activate them all;
  • Features: read the slot description before playing. Does it offer free spins, scatters, wilds, bonus rounds? How does each of these features combine and how much does it pay out?

  • The type of slot, 3 reels rather than 5 reels: Slot machines with 3 reels reduce the number of combinations (hence probabilities) and increase your chance of winning. As well as the number of symbols on the reels. The more symbols there are, the more likely it is to obtain the same symbol 3 or 5 times. 

Always choose a slot game whose features and settings you know well.

2. Select the right settings

While luck is a major factor in your slot sessions, you can try to turn the game to your advantage by carefully studying few parameters. And yes, you can decrypt some data at the very heart of the algorithm generating the results. This will allow you to effectively know how to increase your chances to win at slots. So, let’s dive into the details…

As you certainly know, neither the online casino nor you can anticipate the results. To avoid any attempt at cheating, game developers set up a complex coding system using an algorithm called RNG (“Random Number Generator”). Thanks to this technology, it is impossible for both you and the house to cheat. However, these algorithms are designed around two parameters. And these will drastically change your chances of winning and the frequency of your winnings.

  • The return to player (RTP): When playing on a slot, part of the bets is redistributed to the players. What remains is the online casino margin. Well, these figures are public. Indeed, the RTP is an official data provided by the manufacturer. In other words, the higher this percentage, the more profitable the slot is.
  • The volatility: This is also fundamental to win at slots. Not all machines allow you to win your games at the same pace. Machines with high volatility will make you win the jackpot, but very rarely. Those with an average volatility rate will distribute attractive amounts regularly. Lastly, on a video slot with a low volatility rate, you often receive small amounts of money.

Always choose the highest RTP and a slot that satisfies your taste for regular earnings.

3. Maximising your chances of hitting the jackpot is also part of the slot tricks

Most casino gaming enthusiasts like to turn to casino games that offer a jackpot. There are two types of jackpots slots:

  • Fixed jackpot slots: those offer a fixed prize pool. You will find different jackpots. These will be proportional to the bets you place. The smallest bets will allow you to aim for the lowest jackpot. In the other hand, the maximum bet gives you a chance at the super jackpot.
  • Progressive jackpot slots: These offer a progressive jackpot. Here, a part of all bets, of all players, of all casinos playing on the same game contribute to a common pot. And at random, a lucky player can win millions.

What casino players don’t always know, however, is that to be eligible for these jackpots, you must bet the maximum allowed. So, always choose to bet the maximum amount to maximise your chances of winning the jackpot.

4. Choose your slot according to a casino bonus

What could be better than to test out slot games using free spins? Or to benefit from a generous bonus that will double or triple your slot budget?

This tip to win at slots is simple: browse through online casinos. See their casino game selection, but also their promotions for new or recurring players.  

However, be aware that the bonus amount should not be the only criterion to choose your online casino. Read carefully through the Terms and Conditions to have a clear understanding of the wagering amount and period. We recommend a maximum of 50 times to keep this tactic interesting.

So here you go: tip 4, choose an online casino according to the offers and conditions.

5. Last of our slot winning tips: don’t get stuck

Gambling is about fun. It is about escaping everyday life for a while. So, don’t get stuck and bored in one casino game. Vary the themes and change game often. Video slots graphics are a real invitation to adventure. And we couldn’t, among our tips to win at slots, not encourage you to try out multiple options to have even more fun.

Take “A night in Paris” for example. It features a burglar at the Louvre Museum, pursued by a guard and his dog. Or, “Aztec Treasures” which takes you back in time to the Aztec civilisation where there are many jewels and treasures to discover. “Gladiator” takes you to Rome – straight to the Coliseum obviously! But there are also more tender themes such as “Once upon a time” where knights and princesses side with you to look for the jackpot.

And each slot game comes with features and bonus games inspired by the theme. So, go on, discover your next favourite adventure and slot and keep it fun. And may lady luck always be on your side!