What Should A Mobile Slots Casino Offer You?

The next big thing in playing slots on the internet might be virtual reality. The most recent big innovation was online slots. Right here and now, though, it’s all about mobile slots. Playing slots on our mobile devices gives us everything that we love about online slots, but on our own terms. We can sit and play mobile slots in the bath if we feel like doing so. We can play mobile slots on our lunch hour from work. We can do it to relax before we go to bed. Basically, we can engage with the format whenever we wish without having to open up a laptop to do so. 

Mobile slots will soon be the most common way to engage with slots if we haven’t reached that point already. Mobiles appear to be the future of gaming in general – it’s thought that games played on mobile phones will account for almost half of all video game spending by the end of 2020. That’s billions of dollars, split between millions of players. Simply put, it’s a big thing, and it continues to get bigger. 

Because of that, we’re now starting to see websites that offer mobile slots beginning to cater specifically to the mobile slots player. There aren’t dramatic differences between these specialist mobile slots websites and standard online slots websites, but they still represent a unique proposition, and they’re still worth your time to take a closer look at if playing on a mobile device is your thing. 

With all that being said, even if mobile slots websites are relatively new, there are still a few basic things you should expect from them. Don’t even consider signing up and playing if they can’t offer you the thing we’re about to outline below!

Hundreds Of Different Mobile Slots

Designing a site for use by mobiles doesn’t mean that the site should feel smaller. If there aren’t hundreds of different mobile slots on offer, then whichever site you’re looking at probably doesn’t have a sufficient product range to hold your attention. It isn’t the late 1990s anymore, and we’re not stuck staring at fruits or jewels when we play slots. We mean no offense by that if fruits or jewels are your preferred genre, but there’s so much more variety on offer, and we expect a reputable mobile slots site to give us access to it. At least five hundred slots would be a good starting point, with titles from a range of different slots developers. Don’t fall for the trap of joining a site where all the games come from the same studio!

A Range Of Payment Options

Not everyone has the same attitude when it comes to how we like to pay for things online or how we like to manage our spending. Some people are perfectly comfortable to spend on a credit card without any concerns about how they’ll pay that money back. Others would rather use their mobile to pay, so they can track it on their bill. For cautious players, having something similar to a Paysafecard is the best solution because it limits the amount you can pay as one transaction, and so removes the temptation to overspend. Given the technology that’s now available to casinos, we’d expect all of these options to be available to you whenever you want to top up your account and play some cards or spin some wheels or reels. You should also be able to take the standard route of paying with your debit card, too. To put it another way, you shouldn’t feel like your access to either paying money in or taking money out should be limiting.

Great Introductory Offers

There are thousands of online casinos out there. Specializing in mobile slots has helped some to stand out from the crowd, but there are still hundreds who do so. That means they’re all competing for your business, and they should be giving something away in return for getting it. Nobody should just sign up for a casino site and just start playing straight away without getting something first. Some free bets would be a good incentive, or a few free spins on one of the site’s better mobile slots. Some sites might even offer you vouchers, or a matched deposit service on your first few deposits. No matter what the offer is, it should feel like the red carpet is being rolled out for you when you sign up. If you don’t see any sign of the red carpet being there, don’t come any closer. They don’t deserve your custom!

Ongoing Promotions

Most of the sites we’ve talked about so far will do the previous three things we’ve mentioned very well but fall short at this fourth hurdle. Let’s say you’ve found a site like Rose Slots with a range of great slots, a variety of payment and withdrawal methods, and fantastic opening offers. All of that is great news, but what happens next? What happens when you’ve used up all your introductory offers? If the answer is ‘nothing,’ then in our eyes, you’re still dealing with a site that isn’t quite doing enough for you. The great sites don’t attach all of their value to brand new customers – they work hard to make sure you carry on coming back to the site in the weeks, months, and years to come. We’ve seen some of the leading mobile slots sites offer loyalty points systems, where you build up rewards for playing specific games on specific days, and then cash those points in for vouchers or free bets. Some sites offer double-your-money offers at certain times of the week. There are even some casinos out there who’ll offer you a larger and larger share of cashback on deposits the more you put in. 

Ultimately, if you choose a mobile slots site and stay loyal to it, it should also stay loyal to you by making sure you feel welcome and valued at all times, and that things work to your convenience. Don’t accept anything less from a mobile slots casino than you would from a regular online casino – and if you aren’t already getting all the above from your usual choice, look elsewhere!