Lightning Roulette

One of the most popular online casino games is Lightning Roulette, which appeared in many live casinos in March 2018. Even though the game is pretty much the same as the standard roulette, it has its particularities, like the unique features – the Lucky Numbers. This way, it gained a lot of popularity.

The Lightning Roulette has the same European Roulette basic features, with the live dealer, the live roulette wheel and the same red and black numbers. The players still have to place their bets, as many numbers as they want, to guess where will the ball land once the wheel stops spinning.

The special feature of having the lucky numbers improves a lot the payout on the straight-up number. Regarding the usual straight-up wins without the multiplier applied, these pay 30:1, comparing to 35:1 for the normal roulette.

The game is available on many online casinos. For example, Unibet Casino offers the revolutionized roulette online game produced by Evolution Gaming, where in each game some lucky numbers are struck by a lightning effect and the payouts are multiplied between 50x and 500x.

The game from Unibet Casino has an art deco style setting and a thrilling background music which ads suspense to the game.

How to have the best chances of winning?

Before playing the game, mind that this one is a revolutionized newcomer, so going after the multiplier through the lightning effect is something unique.

There are two spins, both of them after the bets are placed and closed. The first one is for the lucky multiplied numbers and the multipliers, which are randomly selected. The other one is the classic spin to select the final 1 to 36 winning number.

Each round, there are between one and five lucky numbers which are struck by lightning and thus give multiplied payouts of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x. So, if the ball lands on a lucky number and if a players has made a straight-up bet to that number, he gets to win the lucky payout of between 50 and 500 times the bet. The highest win is 530 times the betting number (30x plus 500x).

How to hit those big numbers? Well, that is mathematically speaking just chance and statistic, because it all resumes to that. The reason is that all the lucky numbers, the amount of these lucky numbers and the amounts of the lucky payouts are generated randomly.

The Random Number Generator does all the work when choosing which are the lucky numbers, how many of them, and which is the payout. To make it clear: The results cannot be manually controlled or influenced. There are external audit companies which check licensed online casinos for fairness and safety, sometimes even when the games are live, so rigging is out of the question.

Apparently, there is not a precise winning strategy. The answer to how to get the best winning chances is simply playing the game. Even though the player would hit the number in the regular spin, it would still have a chance between 1 in 36 and 5 in 36 to be the winner of a lucky lightning-hit number. OK, so a 30:1 paying for a straight-up number bet lowers the RTP considerably, but increasing the chance for a final substantial win balances the game. One more thing to add is that Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming has been awarded Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards, G2E Las Vegas and EGR’s Game of the Year 2018, as voted by the operators of the sector.