Live Online Roulette: How to Embrace the Revolution


Roulette is a game that’s constantly evolving and in 2016 the route to success for every online player is through a network of live dealers. Thanks to advances in iGaming technology over the last decade, it’s now possible for Internet gamers to compete with physical dealers across a variety of games.

Whether it’s European roulette, North American roulette, video roulette or games in virtually any language you can think of, live dealer roulette tables are now the leading option for online players. By fusing RFID chips with web streams, online roulette is now markedly more engaging, but before you ante-up you’ll need to refine your strategy to ensure you get the most out of these games.

Choosing the Games that are Right for You


Before we breakdown the best ways to beat live dealer roulette, let’s take look at the options available online. Game selection is the cornerstone of any betting strategy, so when you log into an online platform and join the action you’ll have to choose the most appropriate table from four main options.

From Live Online Roulette and Live Auto Roulette to Low Limit Roulette and Japanese Roulette, the dynamics of each table will affect how you play. For example, at Smart Live Casino Live Online Roulette plays between 09:00 and 06:00 GMT every day which means you’ll have to be at your peak powers of concentration during these times to get the most from the games.

Similarly, when you compare auto roulette with low limit roulette, you’ll see that the former has betting limits of £1 while the latter costs as little as £0.10 per spin on Smart Live. As you can see, if you’re a novice or someone looking to test the waters, the low limit tables are the most appropriate option. Conversely, if you want a greater return on your investment, the table with stakes ranging from £1 to £10,000 will be more appropriate.

Embrace the Pace


After choosing the most appropriate table with the most accessible betting limits and dynamics, the final strategic concept you need to embrace when you’re playing live dealer tables online is the pace of each game. Because these games are controlled by a live dealer and RFID chips (that have to transmit signals back to the site) you’ll need to accept that the speed per round is slower than virtual roulette.

While these games are not as slow as traditional brick-and-mortar roulette, the pace is slower than experienced online gamers might be used to. When this is the case you need to be careful not to force the action and bet more than you’re used to. As a virtual roulette player you’ll probably be used to wagering a certain amount per hour and enjoying a certain win rate. When you’re playing live dealer tables this simply won’t be possible (because the live dealers aren’t as efficient as computer software) and the temptation can be to wager more per spin.

While this might seem like a sensible way to counter the decreased pace, it’s actually a huge mistake. Regardless of a game’s pace, you should never flout your bankroll rules because if you do you increase your risk of ruin. If you plan on playing live dealer roulette tables, you have to accept the slower pace and never go against your bankroll limits.

If you can do this and ensure the table dynamics match your personal preferences, you’ll find that these games are hugely engaging, highly entertaining and one of the best experiences you can have online.