Why You Need to Play in Different Casinos?

I have long wanted to discuss this topic, or rather not even the topic, but the strategy. I will not write extra water, just give clear arguments why you need to play top online casinos, for example, we take different games and play there, and here are the reasons:

  1. You can get and launder bonuses for the first deposit.
    Then, I think everything is clear, if we play in a good casino, and then there are usually good bonuses for the first deposit, thanks to which you can perfectly rise.
  2. Happy and Unhappy Accounts.
    It happens so, in one room opened an account – and only the gulf, in the other way around – you often win. Therefore, you need to make many accounts and choose the happiest ones, I do not know exactly how it works, but I am sure there is some account grading and random sampling on them, who will be stuck and who will not
  3. New accounts are often given.
    This is certainly not an iron fact, but purely from my experience – when creating a new account, especially when you take the bonus to the first deposit – there is a chance that it will be good.
  4. Do not be soiled.
    Let’s say we have $500 and there are 10 different accounts in the casino, where it’s better to put 50 in each, than to cover up in one for all 500
  5. Bonuses and gifts from the casino.
    Perhaps this is the most important point, after the point about the bonus on the first deposit, because when we make deposits in the casino, and then do not play there for a long time – the casino constantly sends various offers, such as bonuses for a second deposit, no deposit bonuses, yes and just gifts.
  6. The best is learning by comparison.
    Until you play in a large number of casinos, you will not understand which casinos are cool, and which ones are not. Even if they have the same software, agree that it’s much more pleasant to receive cash games with a casino for half an hour than for the same day, especially when you do not get out on the day off day! The ones that I find interesting is best usa payout casinos, try them yourself. 
  7. Yes, I almost forgot, always create a separate email for the game in the casino, it is even better to buy a separate SIM card – if you constantly play, or in many you need to leave your number and you will be called by calls and spam.