Online Blackjack Winning Tips and Tricks to Beat the Casino

Blackjack is inarguably the most popular game of casinos. It’s fun to play, the game is fast, and the chance of turning your money into profits are reasonably high. Due to covid breakout, คาสิโนออนไลน์ games provider sites and apps have increased. You can now play online blackjack from anywhere in the world on some of the most popular sites. Below are mentioned some Blackjack tricks to beat the casino:

  1. Always stand on hands such as 12 or 13.
  2. Never Split 10s.
  3. Double down if you have 11.
  4. Insurance is a waste of money, so never take that.
  5. Always put a cap on the amount of money you lay under the table for blackjack or any casino games. 

Blackjack game rules

The game is also known as 21, and each point carries the value that is written on the cards. Like 7 is 7 points, 4 is points, and likewise. All the face cards are of value 10. Ace can be considered as 1 or 11, depending on the other cards that you have. An ace and a face card mean you have a blackjack. If your score at any point in time goes past 21, then you are burst then and there itself. A dealer will have to draw a card until it reaches 17.

Thus, even if you have stopped your game at 13, you will still have a fair chance of winning as the dealer will have to keep drawing cards until he reaches 17 and above. There are high chances that he might get burst and you win if the dealer gets burst no matter how many points you have. If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you the option of taking insurance. If you take insurance, and the dealer hits blackjack, your bet amount will be refunded. You can also split your cards, and that is done by people when they have the same cards in their hand.

Blackjack Winning Tips Strategies

Blackjack is a game of strategy. Hence, you have to strategize on how many points you should stop the game. There are 3 golden rules of playing casino, and if you follow them, then no matter which game you play, you are more like to win. The three-pointers are:

  • Increase your bet only if you have won the hand.
  • Never increase your bet even by a chip if you have just lost the hand.
  • If you have won money that you think is reasonable, stop it then and there itself and withdraw your earnings. The more you play, the chances of you losing become inevitable. 

Online Blackjack for real money

There are many online casino sites that offer Blackjack online games, by playing online blackjack with real money you can get a chance to win a huge cash prize, massive bonuses and tempting promotions.  We all know that in online casino games, luck is important, but Blackjack is one of those games in which you can win hands even with bitter cards.