Playing Online – Might As Well Make Some Money

I can’t count the number of hours I have wasted playing online games. There’s Farmville, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Candy Crush and who could forget Tetris. I’ve spent years getting good at these games and what have I got out of it, absolutely nothing.

I’ve been searching to see how I could make money from being a games tester. I wanted to play games for a living and not do anything else. I tried to find my dream job, but none of the top companies wanted to employ me and none of the smaller ones who could offer me work, could pay me.

It just wasn’t a promising career path and not an option for me to quit my day job and take up playing games full time. But I still play hours and hours of games every day. I still pride myself on every time I can play the perfect game of Tetris, even twenty years after I first picked up a GameBoy and head that brilliantly catchy tune.

Now, twenty years later, and I have started to get into a different kind of online game. Being over thirty years old and with a decent bit of disposable income, I have started to explore gambling games and online gaming for money. My current favourite is the Book of Ra game and I’m not doing too badly.

I limit myself to a daily deposit of ten pounds because I know that if I lose this, it isn’t the end of the world and I will not be in a bad financial position. On the other hand, if I take that for a huge win, it will make a huge difference to my day. I will suddenly have a good few hundred pounds to play with in the real world. It would take it out away from the games and buy something for the house.

It’s a win-win situation. I do not want to lose ten pounds, but at the same time, I accept the fact that it might happen. It is not that far off playing the lottery, but I have a better chance of winning something back with online gaming.

Aside from the money, I see it as a fun night in. I wouldn’t even blink about spending ten pounds if I went out for a night with friends. I can’t even think of anything we could do which would cost less. So having a fun night in and still spending less than a few pints would cost is a massive win for me.