Playing Online Blackjack with the Optimum Strategy

Online blackjack games can provide average returns of around 100% if you use the optimum strategy for this card game.  However, this can make blackjack a complex game, as there are numerous outcomes at any stage of the game.

Problems can be compounded by the fact that each variant of blackjack can have a slightly different strategy to implement.  The optimum blackjack strategy was thought up after using computers to simulate many millions of hands.  To be able to implement this at a brick and mortar casino you’ve need a great memory.  However, playing live blackjack at an online casino allows you to refer to a strategy card.

This blackjack strategy mostly revolves two key factors.  The first is the player’s hand value in the current game and the second is what card the dealer facing up.  These factors determine the strategy needed on a card in a tabular form.  So, the player’s hand values are listed as the row headings and the dealer’s card are the column headings.

The player then makes his decision based on the value of his hand and a given value of the dealer’s card.

There are a few pointers you need to know.  For the dealer’s face up card there is a column for each card from 2-9.  Then there is a common column for all the cards valued at 10.  And there’s a separate column for the Ace.

The rows for the player’s hand are given in three parts.  This is because each of them have a different optimum strategy.  There are hard totals from 4-17+ and a second part that has soft totals for hands of 13-19+.  There is also a section for pairs.

Strategy cards are available for each of the variants.  It’s ideal to keep this card with you, especially when you’re playing online where the dealer cannot see you.  It makes it easy to access before you make your move.  Sitting further away from the dealer gives you more time to work out your strategy, though with experience this should only take a couple of seconds at most.

Each move is represented in different colour and text codes. Simply follow the code you are most comfortable with.  Once you understand the optimum strategy and start using it correctly you should find yourself with profits of up to 100% provided you don’t have much bad luck.