The Revolution of Live Betting

To say I’m not a big gambler is an understatement. I have the nearly obligatory punt on the Grand National once a year and then occasionally I will feel like putting a bet on a football match or a Grand Prix.

I’m not your big-stakes gambler, I don’t think I’ll ever be putting my house on any bets. I’m not that sure of the real intricacies which would make me certain of the outcome of any sporting occasion.

That was until I discovered this little thing called ‘in-play betting’. Not being a regular gambler, I had no idea that this had become such a prominent part of a gambling website. I stumbled across Efbet Bulgaria¬†when I saw that someone was bragging about a massive win they had.

Now unlike the post I saw, I’m never going to place a bet where the odds are 1000/1, however, I might be very tempted to jump on the bandwagon when a team are 2-0 up and there are only five minutes of the match left. Football is a simple game at its heart and even I know that very few teams will come back from two goals down in five minutes.

This is what live in-play betting lets you do. It’s not about predicting a month in advance, who will win the match. It is about reading the match as it stands today; right at this very minute. You get to read the flow of the match, how the teams are playing and what you think might happen next.

You get to see if the underdogs are going to have their day and stun the favourites. You have the chance to watch an early goal go in and then decide how both of the teams are able to react to it. You even get the chance to see the teams line up and see which players did make the starting eleven and which didn’t quite make the cut.

There’s so much more to betting than just predicting the winner of a match, a week ahead of time. That was not something we were ever going to be all that interested in. But, live and in-play betting has really grabbed our attention.

It’s given us the ability to bet in the 89th minute of a match and still make a decent profit. There’s still all the drama of last minute goals and we still have the same reaction when the ball is flying towards the goal, the crowd are on their feet, the keeper is well beaten and then you watch.

Just sitting and watching as the ball dips towards the goal and slowly you see it hit the crossbar. The goal was so close, the bet would have been lost, but the cross bar has come to our salvation and kept our bet safe.

It’s amazing that all of this has come from seeing one post of someone showing off their betting slip from a large win, but no matter how it has come, we have found our favourite way to gamble.