The History of Insane Casino Winnings

They may not admit it, but anyone who has ever dropped a dollar or coin into a slot machine or placed chips on the Green at a casino has dreamed of winning the jackpot – a jackpot so big they’ll never have to worry about money again.

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Also, check out the stories of the lucky and, and in some cases unlucky, people on this list who were able to achieve their dream of winning big at casinos both online and offline. So, without further ado, check out The history of insane casino winnings:

Case number 1. Won 1.5 million

Ever gambler has heard some of the urban legends in this industry, but the following happens to be true. One day, a man walked into the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with two suitcases, one empty and one filled with cash. He placed the entire amount, almost $800,000, on the at the craps table. With a single roll the dice, he was able to double his money and drive off with both suitcases filled with cash.

Case number 2. Won 21 million dollars

About 20 years ago, a forty-nine-year-old business consultant paid $10 to play a Megabucks machine at Caesar’s Palace. On the first spin, he won the jackpot and became a millionaire.

Case number 3. Won 34 million dollars

Back in 2000, a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas won, what was back then, a record Megabucks Jackpot of almost 35 million dollars at the now out of business Desert Inn hotel-casino. Less than two months later, in an unfortunate case of bad luck, her vehicle was struck by a drunk driver, leaving her paralyzed and killing her sister.

Case number 4. Won 22 million dollars.

A 70 something-year-old woman stopped at a casino on her way to breakfast one morning. She put a little bit under $200 into a Mega Bucks slot machine and became a millionaire. What better way to get the day started right?

Case number 5. Won over 15 million dollars

A former race track manager and corporate executive from Pennsylvania won approximately 15 million dollars playing Blackjack at 3 casinos in New Jersey. And, to make this win even more impressive, he did so without using any tricks or counting cards. Instead, he played his hand well and took advantage of Casino incentives and discounts offered in the recession.

Case number 6. Won a little bit over 4 million dollars

For those who think penny slots won’t win them any money, they couldn’t be more wrong. But, just a couple years ago, A Wheel of Fortune progressive slot machine that cost $0.01 paid out almost five million dollars to one lucky player at the iconic Ceasar’s Palace Casino.

Case number 7. Won almost 12 million Euros

This online casino player won almost 12 million Euros playing Arabian Night, a Progressive jackpot slot at an online casino. The slogan for the casino site was “Anything can Happen” and obviously this is what happened to one lucky slot winner.

Case number 8. Won almost two million pounds

This gamer was already a famous, multi-billionaire, but he added even more to his net worth in just one night. This lucky player won almost two million pounds in about 3 hours playing Roulette in a London Casino. His lucky number for this game was 17 and he used every possible combination of that number to win his fortune. Lucky for him, this strategy was able to triple his original 480,000-pound bet.

Case number 9. Won about 1 million dollars

Back in the late 19th century, one player broke the bank (won more than was available at the table) when he won a million dollars after playing his favorite game, roulette, for 11 hours. His feat was so astounding that he even inspired a famous song by Fred Gilbert. And if you think breaking the bank once is an impressive feat, you should know that he was able to do so 12 times in one night.