The Impact Of Competition

The Swedish betting market has been a closed monopoly for too long, or at least that seems to be the decision of the Swedish authorities. From 2021, the monopoly held by Svenskaspel will be opened to a wide range of other providers.

What will this mean for the industry or more importantly, what will it mean for the Swedish gambler?

Well the very first thing which will happen is that there will be more competition for the gambler’s bet. In short, the websites and bookies will all be trying to attract new business. This is great news for the casual gambler, as there will be a flood of new player offers. If you want to find a new site to bet at, you will be able to find one which will double your deposit or one which will give you your first bet free.

New player incentives will be the best way to gain new users.

The second big change which gamblers will notice is the competition on the odds offered for games. Suddenly one bookie will be offering 10/1, then another will offer 11/1 and it is up to the gambler to search for the best site for their particular bet. The odds will go out in the favour of the gambler, purely because there is more competition out there for their money.

Possibly the best aspect of the rule change will be the use of tipster sites, like Spelsnack. These will do all of the hard work for you. Not only will they suggest bets to place and with a proven track record, they stand a decent chance of coming in, but they will also scout around and find the best odds for your bet.

The tipster sites will allow you to combine the best aspects of the first two points here. They will find you the sites with the best odds and then you can use the new player incentives to get the benefits of free bets or earn double rewards on any bet you have placed. It would almost be stupid to do anything but use one of these sites.

When the market is opened up, there will be a flood of European based gambling sites who will immediately advertise in the Swedish media and try to grab your attention. These other sites will offer huge incentives just to get you to play on their site once. They believe that once you have gone through the whole process of signing up and proving your identity, that you will not bother to do it again for another site.

So whilst the ruling might appear to mean very little to the normal gambler, it is in fact opening up a whole new world of offers and experiences for every day players. The offers alone are worth paying attention to and then the increased competition on the odds, should ensure that the Swedish gambler is now given a fighting chance to grab a pretty large winning bet.