World Cup Predictions

Those who are keeping up with their football will know how the latest national competition in football concluded with Italy taking the win in Euro’s 2020. Most will be aware that the reason why the 2020 competition took place this year was because football was postponed last year as a result of recent world events, which saw many confined in their homes. This would’ve been an isolating time for many, but people could always rely on entertainment accessible from home. While it is likely that people would have used betting apps had the competition gone forward, many would have turned to online gambling instead and a popular resource for sites can be found here for those looking to play casino games.

Despite this, Euros 2020 took place this summer, with Italy coming to England to beat them in their own backyard. After the competition had included, many people have since started looking forward to the next footballing competition – the biggest of them all. There is no doubt that the World Cup is the most coveted prize in all of football which is why people are so excited to have it so close to the last tournament. Fans of football normally must wait two years in between competitions, so it is nice to see that the 2022 World Cup is scheduled to begin in winter next year.

As what always happens in most sports, the predictions have already begun as people try to throw their two cents in regarding who the winner of the World Cup will be. The overall feeling of people can best be seen on the bookies’ odds, which show who the clear favourites to win are. Of course, a favourite does not mean a guaranteed winner, which is what Denmark showed the world in the Euros. Despite being underestimated as one of the weakest teams in the competition, Denmark ended up going out in the Semi-Final, with England putting an end to their campaign.

Looking forward to next year, it is clear to see that Brazil have the best chances of winning the world cup. While people would have normally said France back in 2018, their form in Euros 2020 leaves a lot to be desired. Brazil has talent flowing out of their ears, and their history shows they are no strangers to lifting that trophy.

Another team that is familiar with lifting the trophy is Italy. While they dominated in the Euros, their recent national matches have left a lot to be desired. While they can be dangerous on the day, only time will tell if they end up going far in the tournament.

With every competition, England seems to be getting better and better. A pattern is developing, and since the team lost out last time in the final, manager Gareth Southgate will be pushing for the team to go out and bring football back to England. While there are so many more teams to talk about such as Germany, France and Portugal, fans can only ultimately wait and see who ends up winning and who ends up losing.