What is More Addictive Online Bingo or Casino?

Addiction is something that has hung over the gambling industry like a cloud in recent years. There is no escaping the fact that the number of players fighting against compulsive gambling urges is rising, to the point where online casino, online bingo, and online sports betting brands have felt compelled to step in and launch responsible gambling initiatives. While sports betting tops the charts when it comes to compulsive gambling, online casino and online bingo aren’t exactly too far behind when it comes to this worrying problem.

Exploring both of these popular ways to gamble, the following looks at the addictive elements of both, determining what is more addictive, online bingo or online casino.

Online Bingo Addiction

Alcohol and drug addition presents physical signs, so it’s easy to spot when some is experiencing trouble. The same can’t be said about online bingo, with many people simply unaware of the fact that online bingo addiction is actually a real thing. Having a zeal and zest for online bingo is a good thing, but it can spiral out of control should it not be managed appropriately.

An online bingo addiction can happen to anyone, with a person being deemed a compulsive gambler when the individual engages in an act of gambling despite the consequences that may occur as a result of their actions. What makes online bingo both an addictive and enjoyable game is its subtlety, as it doesn’t match sports betting or online casino gaming when it comes to excitement. Bingo can often be somewhat subdued, with addiction developing slowly over an extended period of time.

Identifying someone with an online bingo addiction isn’t always easy, but people should look for questionable behavioural patterns. When online bingo becomes a fully-fledged addiction, it’ll distract you from your everyday activates, as your desire to play the tickets becomes too strong to resist. The rush of the numbers, the anxious wait for the next call, and the thrill of the win make online bingo an addictive experience, even if it doesn’t immediately seem that way.

Identifying that bingo players are as susceptible to addiction as casino and sports bettors, respected review sites like Top 5 Bingo Sites nowadays only feature sites that have a robust responsible gambling policy in place. For instance, Gala Bingo offer 2 levels of control including self-exclusion, special limits on your daily and monthly deposits and parental controls to stop minors in the same household from playing.

Online Casino Addiction

The online casino industry has gone from being bit part to record breaking in recent years, as it now generates billions in turnover per annum. With the runaway success of the industry, addiction has become a growing problem that can no longer be ignored. What many enjoy about online gambling is the same thing that often drives players towards addiction, as it allows for healthy game choice and big-time stakes. Hippodrome’s online games with their selection of life changing progressive jackpots for example, can lure punters in again and again with the feeling that they are one spin away from that big win.

Unlike online bingo, and as we mentioned above, online casinos are less about token gestures and more about life-changing jackpots. This gives players hope and often-unrealistic expectations of the online casino experience, which can often drive players towards addiction as they chase largely elusive wins.

Addiction related to online casino play is hard to spot, as it’s totally different than land-based casino addiction or even online bingo addiction for that matter. If a problem gambler spends a few back-to-back days gambling at a casino, someone will surely notice, should a problem occur online it probably won’t be the case. However, that isn’t to say that it isn’t just as destructive, as compulsive online casino gambling addiction without question has the power to be life destroying.

A Hard to Ignore Problem

Addiction is addiction at the end of the day, so it certainly isn’t something to be celebrated or praised, but there are different levels of addiction, with some forms of gambling being more addictive than others. When comparing online bingo and online casino with regards to how addictive they are, there really is no contest, as the latter tends to be much more addictive than the former. Online bingos somewhat subdued nature as a game and lower jackpot tend to mean that addiction is on a lesser level, while online casino will have players aimlessly chasing life-changing jackpots through high stakes betting.