Beginners Guide to Horse Race Betting

Introduction to horse race betting

Horse race betting is a very traditional form of betting, and has been enjoyed all around the world for centuries. Kings bet on horses, and these days betting on these animals in their races is a very popular part of the cultural landscape. In this article we will look at some introductory aspects of betting on horses, and hopefully go some way to making the practice a little simpler. If you fancy a flutter why not take a look at this William Hill Free Bet.

Types of bet

In horse race betting, you have to make a type of bet if you are to be able to lay money down. This means understanding the different types of bet that are available. There are many different types, but the place where all bets start is the simple ‘win bet’.

The win bet is literally you betting on a certain horse to win. Whether you have spent hours studying form or not, or have years of experience of picking winners, when you place a win bet it is all down to which horse you think has the best chance of finishing first. Of course, if the horse you select wins, you win money according to the odds against that win. If you lose, you lose your initial bet.

Horse Race Betting

A place bet is where you place money on your horse finishing in the top two-four positions. It really only means the top four if your horse is racing in a very large show out of horses. This obviously gives you a better chance of winning some money, but not by much. And the money you win will be less substantial, simply because there are different and less favourable odds. A horse obviously has more chance finishing in the top few than in first place.

An each way bet is even better value for money as long as things kind of go your way to some degree. An each way bet is where you place a win bet down for your horse, as well as a place bet. This means that you have more chances of winning. If your horse wins, you win the win bet and the money you wagered and won on the place bet. If the place bet is the one that wins for you, you only get the money you win for placing.

That is the basic betting structure when you are betting on horses. There are plenty of more complex bets available, but they are extremely detailed, and take a lot of experience first before you can tackle them.

Remember that it is important you bet responsibly. If you are just starting out it is probably best that you focus on making place bets to give yourself  a better chance of making some money and enjoying yourself. Once you are experienced, you can start to think about going for the more complicated betting approach.

Horse race betting can be extremely good fun and can be quite rewarding financially too. Place your bets carefully, and try to study the form (history) of horses and riders, and your chances will be increased.