Beginners Guide to Roulette

Roulette has been around for a number of years and it has always been seen as a casino game that anyone can play. There is no barrier to entry, mainly because the whole idea is that you are spinning a roulette wheel and placing your fate in the hands of luck. Wherever the little ball lands has absolutely nothing to do with you, although there are apparently systems out there that people can use to rig the game. All of that aside, roulette is one of the fairest and most exciting games available, and it is becoming a staple of the lives of both casual and committed bettors.

The basic game consists of a roulette wheel with numbers on it from 1-36. The game originated in France and is associated with glamour, principally due to every casino in the world having a roulette wheel. Around the wheel is a roulette table where players can place their bets. Online, you will most commonly see a roulette wheel and table.

Players then place a wager within the betting limits of the table they are playing at. This means ensuring that your wager falls within the betting limits of the table and that you are within the house rules. There is nothing really complicated about this and it really is all about what the site will and won’t let you do.

Once the roulette ball stops on a particular number the person who wins with that number will collect winnings. And the house collects all losing bets for the table.

Basic bets

Inside bet

This is where a bet is made on the ball landing on a  specific number, it also covers two adjacent numbers as well. This means that there is more chance of some kind of win happening for the player. On some tables there is a chance to bet on six adjacent numbers. This means that there is even more of a chance of a win.

Outside bet

This is where most beginners get involved in roulette. It involves you placing bets on larger amounts of numbers to win. Obviously this does mean that the actual amount you can recieve will be lower according to the odds (unless you bet large amounts) but it does mean that the beginning player has more of  a chance of winning some money simply because more numbers are bet on.

The idea of roulette is only ever to correctly work out the outcome of a spin of the wheel. In that case, there is not much you can do to make the game more of a winner for you. For example, some people think there is a mathematical way of predicting how a ball will run and where it will land. There are of course millions of permutations as regards where a ball will land, and it is for this reason that by being more intelligent and sensible with your betting, you can gain a lot of fun and rewarding times with roulette, as long as you remember that the game is based entirely on chance.

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