Our guide to roulette – what you need to know!

It’s arguably one of the most iconic casino games of all time and it’s certainly one that has been entertaining those of all backgrounds for hundreds of years. Roulette is thankfully a fairly straightforward game to learn and even though on first appearances it may seem a little overwhelming especially for newcomers to the game its one that almost anybody can pick up in absolutely no time at all. It’s a game that is particularly popular with high rollers and casino regulars but it’s also a great game to get involved with if you’re a beginner just starting out.



Roulette is made up of a few different elements that you’ll find at the table. There’s the familiar wheel and a pattern of various betting options on the adjacent table which corresponds to the numbers shown on the wheel itself. There are two types of roulette wheel that you would typically find in a land-based casino. The first, and most popular, is the European wheel which features 36 numbered pockets and a single green zero pocket. The American alternative features the same as well as an additional double zero green pocket. Aside from the main numbers featured on either wheel the betting area also includes a number of alternative betting choices including red/black, odd/even and other ranges of numbers.


There are two types of bets found in a game of roulette which include inside and outside bets. The idea of roulette is to predict which numbered pocket the spinning ball will eventually come to rest in. Inside bets revolve around the numbers on the board and you are able to select a range of numbers, which could be adjacent numbers, corners of numbers and more. Each selection comes with its own odds of winning however if you lay out a bet on a specific number the odds of winning are less likely and therefore the payout will be higher. Outside bets relate to the sections outside of the numbered area which include a selection of 50/50 bets based around red or black, odds or even, or high and low.


It’s easy to play roulette and get lost in the excitement but it’s also easy to lose track of your bets and take your eye off your bankroll. Most inside and outside bets carry their own odds and it’s important to understand exactly what payouts and what odds each particular bet has. Your chances of winning are very much based on this fact. There are a number of useful betting systems and strategies out there that could slightly increase your chances of picking up the odd bet or two; however there is no nailed on system that guarantees you winning and such strategies should be only used to make the betting experience a little more varied and fun. What’s more is that its crucial you make sure what type of table you’re playing at before you even begin as an American roulette wheel, which features an additional double zero green pocket, which actually increases the house edge (the casinos advantage over the player) and lowers your chances of winning.