Casino Glossary

Beginners and experienced players alike need to understand the lingo of the casino world in order to get the most out of their experiences.  Doing research is always a good idea when playing any casino game, as having a full understanding of the situation helps to increase both pleasure and chances of winning. Indulging in the terms of casinos can help a player to form the best tactics when playing any game, and creates the best odds of winning big.

Some of the most important words to know among others are as follows. Action is the word used to describe the time in which bets are placed within a game. This word is most commonly referred to in card games, and is vital to know as the betting is essential to winning real money.

Another important term and concept is a player’s bankroll. This is the amount of money a player has to spend on gaming. Knowing this number insures that one does not spend money they do not have to spend, or do not wish to spend.

If you are new to gambling, you may be referred to as a fish. This is not to be taken as an offensive term, but is rather an affectionate term for someone who has just begun their online pokies journey.

A very important word to know in the gaming world is overlay. This term is extremely beneficial to you as a player, as it means that the game played favours the gambler, and you are more likely to receive more money than you bet in these situations.

But of course, the best word you want to hear in the online casino slots is Jackpot! This word signals big winnings and bigger luck to the player that achieves it. If you are lucky, all your online casino ventures may end in this word.