Casino technology which is a game changer

Online casino play is always exciting; the speed of the game, the chance to win big and the opportunity to play alongside and against people from all around the world. It’s a great way to meet a community of like-minded folk who enjoy the spin of the roulette wheel or the anticipation of the outcome of the slot machines.

Technology is moving on however and it’s now possible to combine the thrill of online gaming with adventure role play and the results are set to change the way we bet and interact online.

Online gaming

Online adventure gaming is a huge phenomenon with the most popular games attracting millions across the world. Huge networks of friends play against each other 24 hours a day in virtual worlds where there are tasks to complete, missions to achieve, puzzles to solve and new lands to discover.

Combining traditional casino with fantasy worlds

The mix of taking the chance to spin a roulette wheel one minute and then take on a dragon to find hidden treasure and to hit a new level on a role-playing game the next is one which is set to revolutionise the industry. It’s a fascinating concept which continues the idea of a playing community, but with the new twist of a game to play means that the interactivity increases greatly. Users who know each other on a casino site can now take part in a game alongside each other; whether it’s to join forces against villains or to help each other solve puzzles and exchange gaming gifts.

Sites such as Casino Heroes (or to a lesser extent Casumo) has recognised how popular this genre of gaming is and have turned the casino world upside down with the offering of an online casino where not only can you play to win real money, but at the same time you progress through a game by taking on an avatar and climbing the levels.

This concept is sure to excite users of both online casino sites and gaming environments and will also fascinate those who want to explore how the two integrate. As a genre, it’s a whole new world and over the coming years is sure to become very much part of our online lives – and all the more thrilling for it.