Finding the right E-Sports Bookie

It almost doesn’t matter that you are looking to find an E-Sports website to bet on. It almost doesn’t matter because the same rules apply for E-Sports as they do for any other sport or indeed, any other form of betting.

There are a tonne of sites around the world which will all offer you something unique. They will have a special offer, the sole-rights to an event, live streaming or just a great reputation. All online betting options, have to offer you something to attract your business and the mere fact that you are after E-Sports only adds to this uniqueness.

So, what should you look out for when you are choosing from the Esport Betting Sites?


It goes a long way in this industry. Your reputation is the only thing you really have to prove your worth. If a website has a bad reputation for not paying out, then no-one will want to risk their money with that website. Spend five minutes doing a quick search around the website’s name and see what other people are saying about it. It’s not a fool-proof system, but it is one step up from blindly handing over your money to a random website.


You do not have to choose a gambling website which is based in your geographical area. You might be anywhere in the world and using any currency to bet with. Now you just need to make sure that the website will accept you cards and then pay you out in the right currency. You could even find a website which accepts Bitcoins. This would completely remove the need for you to convert any currency and avoid the conversion fees. Plus, it’s a little bit safer than using traditional money.


If you have a specific E-Sport you want to bet on, then find a site, which specialises in that sport. But most people will want to bet on arrange of E-Sports and as such, you should find a site which offers a range of sports for you. You might not know anything about all the markets right now, but in a year’s time your game selections might have changed and you could do without the hassle of having to find a new website.

Pay Out Speed

This is one of the biggest issues players have with online betting sites. How long it takes to get your money out of the site. You might think you are wasting five minutes reading the policies, but when you find out that it takes a week to get your money out, it will have been worth every single second you spent on it.

There’s not a lot of difference between a traditional betting website and one which specialises in E-Sports. All of them will have their merits and some will work better for you than others. The key is to finding the one which ticks all of your boxes and still offers you the best odds.