Handicap Betting On Horse Racing

One of the many aspects of horse racing is handicapping which centres around the idea of how the weight of a runner affects the speed it will gallop. To sum up, a handicap is a race involving runners carrying weight allocated by the animal’s’ abilities. A handicap is an attempt to level the chances of any runner to win.

In each handicapper race, horses are pitted against qualifying criteria and every animal in the race is given a rating. Elements such as the distance covered, the turf/furlong ran on, the animal’s weight and finishing margins between the competitors are factors considered in a handicapper’s race.

The above are points to know before deciding the best free horse racing tips in a handicappers’ horse race. Handicap rates are a result from a combination of handicapper’s interpretation and arithmetic facts. Handicappers are tasked with providing logical and reasonable explanations for the decisions they undertake.

Handicap Race Role

Handicap races were introduced into the horse racing world for one purpose to produce a competitive race structure. At the same time create an exhilarating ambience to thrill die-hard horse racing fans and create a more competitive atmosphere for the sports bettors.

Betting data proves that punters are all over handicaps. The competitive environment presented by such races generates a vibrant betting atmosphere. Punters place bids for some horses and use their free bets to back up others!

Let us find out how horse players choose a horse in a handicap race

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Selecting A Handicapping Technique

By the time a horse player decides to take on handicapping, he/she has learned and excelled in a particular handicapping method. Handicapping techniques fall under three criteria:

Classic Handicapper: The race conditions of a recently run race determines the class a horse belongs. Class handicappers are usually in pursuit of horses moving up and down in class. A horse moving down a class might be able to perform greatly in a lower class.

A horse moving up a class has a chance of presenting high value if the animal has shown great strength in recent races.

Speed Handicapper: Most punters using this technique gather their speed figures from relevant publishers. They in turn use the data to analyse values assigned to the race times, after accounting variants created by track conditions.

After a critical evaluation of the speed figures, the handicappers have a powerful platform to compare animals that have featured in different tracks on different distances.

 Trip Handicapper: This method is preferred by punters who have the time and funds to invest in going through hours of video footage. The footage of past races, this type of a punter is usually in search of horses with perfect setups or easy trips.

The player is also in search of runners who experienced rough trips that made it difficult for them to perform better.

Side Note On Horse Racing

Some punters try their hand at combining all three. However, their efforts end up being futile. The combination creates a lot of data to go over without the help of a computer. The best thing is to establish a persona in either one of the three techniques.

Create the persona and specialize in the method you choose. Regardless of the method selected, there are plenty of decent systems to match the way.

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More like sports betting strategies, the best handicapping technique is one that closely aligns with the selector’s persona. One that will produce the best results. As punters qualified to place free bets will advise, no system is better than the other. Use one that gives you a grander opportunity to get a profit!