Malaysia Online Casino Gambling Trend Expectations for 2022

Online gaming is the current trend, with the development of technology and its reach has made online gaming easy access to everyone. With increasing popularity the gaming industry has evolved tremendously with lots of innovations over the past few years. Online casino is one such industry that has been evolved from the traditional ones and is evolving continuously. To make gaming online a better experience for players, the industry constantly evolves and adapts, and makes use of new technologies. Fresh ideas will continue to take root in 2022, fuelled by the innovations of the 21st century. This is a list of the trends that we anticipate will emerge or continue in the Top Malaysia Online Casino niche in 2022.

Growth of Online Casino in Malaysia

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This year promises to be another year of continued growth for the online casino market. It’s not just pandemics causing this growth; the technology behind mobile gaming is responsible as well. One can find different online casinos nowadays which may lead to confusion about what to choose. Always opt for the top Malaysia Online Casinos that are trusted by most players. As a result, it is estimated, that huge growth will continue as a result. With a market value of nearly $70 Billion, the last year ended with a growth rate of over 13%. No difference should be expected in 2021.

Use of More Artificial Intelligence

This is the era of Artificial Intelligence. AI has been a part of every industry and helps in the growth and success of all. Just like other industries online casinos has a huge impact on AI’s penetration. In 2022, the gambling industry is expected to be even more reliant on artificial intelligence. It should also be noted that the bots can perform online roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many other functions as well. In casinos, lower overhead costs are a great advantage, so that AI is better suited to them in terms of better serving their customers.

Furthermore, the industrial world has also realized the value of artificial intelligence in many ways, and this can be seen on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Behaviors (IoB). A smart home or IoT device is the collection and exchange of data through a network of interconnected devices. With the help of this system, online casino providers can track the habits of their players so that they can provide better service for them.


Cryptocurrencies are the new trend and are occupying every industry as it is the most convenient way for many. It is predicted that it will be the currency of the future. With several advantages of cryptos for online casinos, it has been made as one of the payment options. Furthermore, the user can enjoy the wide range of benefits that come with such a payment method in their offer. There are certain promotional bonuses to the players who use cryptocurrencies as their mode of payment. The use of cryptos as a form of payment seems to be the best solution to all trust issues between players and operators.

Rates for Gambling Increase with Blockchain

As a disruptive technology, blockchain revolutionizes the internet industry through seamless integration. As consumer habits change due to cryptocurrencies, the gambling industry is adjusting to these changes. Using digital currencies lets consumers and casinos experience gambling that is otherwise limited by traditional centralized systems. By 2022, there will be an increased interdependence between online casinos and blockchain. These technologies are now available at Top Malaysia Online Casino.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Using the blockchain, anyone can confirm the legitimacy of a transaction by tracking a transfer to the public address.
  • A countless number of layers of encryption ensures the security of personal information. A player has access to confidential information, such as their name and deposit amount. Public addresses can be used to track transactions, but the system restricts information such as an account owner’s identity or the amount stored. Transacting with the tracker is also not possible.
  • BTC wallets cannot be accessed without a key. Unauthorized users can even access the wallet offline, reducing its accessibility.

Live dealer games gain a much greater share

Even though live casino games are nothing new, they have become incredibly popular due to technological advancements in the last few years. Online casino games have now been found to offer the most enjoyable playing experience. It is, therefore, likely that there will be a significant increase in the number of live dealer games available in the coming months and that these games will become much more popular.

Breakthrough with Virtual Reality

The reason why VR hasn’t become mainstream is that it’s still quite an expensive technology. It is however believed that changes will be seen. The popularity of VR casino games will boom once an average VR set becomes relatively affordable. The gaming experience can be enhanced by further development, but there are only a few VR casino games now.

e-sports betting experiences rapid growth

There are hundreds of millions of fans of e-sports games and the current audience size is huge. There are hundreds of millions of players who enjoy placing bets on competitions, tournaments, etc. Researchers have proven that e-sports is the most popular form of gaming compared to traditional sports. Shortly, this competition will reach a level at which it will be comparable to the sports of football and other major events.

Final Words: Throughout the last two decades, the online gambling niche has evolved tremendously. In 2022, gaming on mobile and PC devices will likely be much more accessible than ever. It is easy to start betting with Free Credit Casino Malaysia. If you love to know more you can make use of the free credits feature available at online casinos and start playing today. With the free credits available you can play the games without much investment and can experience how interesting it is with the latest technological advancements.