No Online Casino Games on the New 3310

With the rapid growth in the online gambling industry you would not imagine that there would be no online casino games also known as pokies online on the new 3310. The mobile phone manufacturers did not see it necessary to allow the phone the capacity to be a platform for online gambling. This is despite giving the new model phone internet access. Even though only via the 2.5G. This is one of the limitations of the phone. The second most notable limitation is that the phone is a feature phone. This means many of the Apps available to devices using Android OS will not work. Including online gambling Apps which were designed for use on iOS and Android devices.

It is a wonder why they chose to give this phone a new life and not the necessary tools for it to survive. Maybe there is a curse on the Nokia brand in the mobile phone industry. What else would explain the successive bad marketing moves? Not only by Nokia but by the companies that bought the rights to use the trademark. Nokia managed to go from being the biggest mobile phone vendor to a by-stander in the industry. Then Microsoft wrote off several billions of dollars invested in Nokia’s mobile phone division.

Now HMD is trying to break back a dinosaur. Although it was very popular the Nokia 3310 is a dinosaur. Even with it fancy “extras” it is still outdated. These “extras” which include a 2.5MP rear facing camera and internet connectivity. We appreciate the need for cheap smart phones but we are sure an inferior product is not the solution.

Obviously these guys (Nokia executives and them) are not online gamblers. This would explain why there are no online casino games on the new 3310. These guys would lose a ton of money continuously on poor decisions. There is no way you can win real money prizes at the best online gambling sites when you cannot see such bad bets.